A Geocaching in Space Event Owner’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Whether you’re watching the rocket launch live or celebrating the spirit of exploration afterward, you’re part of a global community of adventurers commemorating a big day in geocaching history. Find and share your event now through this interactive global map. We’re here to help connect your event to the worldwide geocaching community and make it a success.

When is the Launch:

November 7 at 04:08 a.m. GMT – Convert to your time zone here

Where to Watch the Launch on the Web:

NASA Television: coverage of the launch begins an hour before liftoff.

NASA TV iPhone App

NASA TV Android App

What Else to Watch at Your Event:

How to Celebrate:

New Limited-Edition Geocaching in Space Mission Patch
New Limited-Edition Geocaching in Space Mission Patch

Order and show off your new Geocaching in Space Mission Patch. All proceeds from the sale of the patch will be donated to the educational charity Donorschoose.org. And of course, you should go geocaching after the event.

Who to Invite:

Reach out to the local community to join in the historic event and the adventure of geocaching. Use the text below as a guide when posting the event to local blogs, sending the announcement to newspapers, or alerting the media about your unique event.

Join a celebration of the spirit of exploration ________ night/morning. A symbol of exploration and adventure rockets into space on (insert local time). It’s known as a Geocaching Travel Bug®. An astronaut is taking the Travel Bug to the International Space Station and will use the it to teach students back on Earth about geography and science. A group of local adventurers, known as geocachers, will be hosting an event to watch the rocket launch live. They’re joining geocachers at more than 1000 geocaching events around the world celebrating the launch. Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration.

Meet at __________ at ______________ to witness a moment in history, watch a rocket launch and maybe experience the adventure of geocaching afterward.

Please go to Geocaching.com, sign-in or sign-up and RSVP to (your Event URL) so we know to expect you.

What if the launch is delayed?

Still hold your event, watch some of the other videos, earn your souvenir and celebrate the spirit of exploration from Geocaching in Space.


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