Cooking Up a Good Find — KochBuchCache (GC21148) — Geocache of the Week

Geocachers can glue in photos and decorate their recipes. Photo by geocacher BBTVFred
Geocachers can glue in photos and decorate their recipes. Photo by geocacher BBTVFred

After a good day of geocaching, nothing tops off the satisfaction of earning a few smileys like something delicious to eat. But what to choose? One person can only eat so many energy bars. Trail mix is delicious, but never quite quells the hunger. Candy bars aren’t very healthy. If you’re stuck deciding what your post-caching meal will be, all it takes to solve your dilemma is one trip to this week’s Geocache of the Week.

KochBuchCache (GC21148) translates to Cookbook Cache, so you can probably tell where this one is headed. Each geocacher that finds this difficulty 1.5, terrain 1.5 geocache is encouraged to leave their favorite recipe in the logbook. While, of course, it’s not a logging requirement, many geocachers have left all sorts of recipes for other geocachers. The geocache creators, TTLL and RAJJ said, “We love cooking (and eating …) and geocaching – so we wanted to create a geocache that combines our favourite hobbies.” And regarding all of the recipes the logbooks are filled with, “About once a month I add recipes that have been sent to me by mail and 2 or 3 times a year I put a new book in the cache – then we check the recipes and try some.”

If this photo doesn’t make your mouth water and convince you to find this geocache, you might need to check your pulse. Photo by geocacher HAE-Haie

So far over 930 geocachers have earned their smiley for this geocache and awarded it nearly 375 favorite points. The result? TTLL says that so far, “There are 5 (!) books with hundreds of recipes, but I really can’t say which is the best. They are so different and it’s exactly this diversity we love!” One geocacher who left a recipe was familie.schupp, who said (translated from German), “The most exciting part was the hide. Not often do we have so much fun with cache construction. A really great idea! The log book now includes our recipe for spicy chocolate mousse.”

For now, this is just an amazing geocache, but it may become more than that in the near future. TTLL says, “Since I am often asked about it: I hope I will find the time to make it a real book someday. This would allow more people to enjoy the result.” All this talk about food and geocaching is making me hungry. What’s your favorite post-caching food? Tell us in the comments.

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