When I'm outside I'm happy. Besides geocaching I love gardening, hiking, cooking and spending time with my wonderful two and four legged friends. Got eight legs? Sorry, but please stay far away from me!
  • Vicky Hallenbeck

    Yeah, trick or treat. Hand over the chocolate and the frog doesn’t get hurt.

  • Batty Bicardi

    “bicardi151” – Mom look! I dressed up like wishbones and my wish came true!

  • Dallan Christenson

    I just about croaked to discover I was the FTF!

  • Honkeon

    There better be chocolate in one of these mom or I was tricked!

  • thia

    No bones about it. I got the cache!

  • Brian L Troop

    Vladbrian– ” Trick or treat smell my feet give me some swag to eat”

  • Kyle Clements

    Geocaching is like trick or treating ALL YEAR!

  • Irene Gray

    Any “body” can do geocaching

  • Cedar Point 2

    “SL, took frog, left soul.” -Cedar Point 2

  • Dan McNeil

    Who knew the troll under the bridge would give up the cache so easily?

  • c.lown

    Here are no tricks, just treats!!