It’s the Spookiest Time of Year — Manunka Chunk Tunnels (GC82B5) — Geocache of the Week

The entrance to the tunnels. There may or may not be zombies inside. Photo by geocacher DeadColdHands
The entrance to the tunnels. There may or may not be zombies inside. Photo by geocacher DeadColdHands

Geocache Name:

Manunka Chunk Tunnels (GC82B5)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

As the end of October nears and Halloween draws close, the air has a certain chill to it. The trees turn into skeletons of their former selves. At least, for me, Halloween is one of the best times of year and always puts me in the mood to visit spooky or haunted places. The Manunka Chunk Tunnels in New Jersey have been abandoned since sometime in the early 1900s—well, let me clarify: abandoned from their intended use. Intrepid urban explorers and geocachers have been visiting these tunnels for years. In order to earn your smiley, you’ll have to summon loads of bravery, don a sturdy pair of mud-proof boots and journey through darkness. Sounds like a perfect fall adventure to me!

# of Finds:


# of Favorite Points:

117, which makes it the most favorited geocache in New Jersey.

What geocachers are saying:

“Manunka Chunk Tunnels” still the most memorable and amazing cache we’ve ever found!” – The Brigadier

“This was, by far one of my favorite caches to date.” – pumpkinking27

“Great cache! Awesome place!” – cuteynewt

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The final stretch of the tunnel. Photo by geocacher doug-up


Inside the tunnel. Try not to get too creeped out! Photo by geocacher doug-up
A brave crew of geocachers after making the find. Photo by geocacher TeamBandN

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Extra special shoutout to Lord Stirling for the recommending this geocache for Geocache of the Week!