One Easy Trick to Find Geocaches Fast

Where can you find this mysterious tool that lets you search for geocaches in no time?

where is it

Stop! Don’t look any further – search here! Sometimes it takes a hint to find something that is right there in front of you. It’s the search box on the Geocaching.com homepage.

search box

Save yourself some time and give your mouse-clicking finger some rest by searching for geocaches in the search-box on the homepage. Search by address, postal code, country, or GC- code. You don’t like any typing? No problem, set your home coordinates on your Account Details page. Now you only have to click on the magnifier icon next to the box and you automatically get search results for geocaches close to home.

Do you have time saving tricks when browsing Geocaching.com? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Zoneman4003

    Geocaching needs a search block similar to this for local events now that you decided to only give 3 or 4 days of events in the weekly e-mails. Here’s hoping others agree.

  • ratcliffe

    Thats OK, but it includes found caches, and caches that I own, I cannot see a way to get to my nearest unfound caches from there. Clever link, but useless once you have found your nearest ones. I just click on my profile at the top and then click on the “filter out finds” link by the maps icon on the right hand side. A shame, because the home page link is a really good idea.

  • yvensong

    Hi, Searching for events is fairly easy. Go to the Play > Hide & Seek a Cache > Seek a Cache > By State Page. Find your state and you’ll be taken to a new page listing Events, etc.

  • Kevin Michaud

    If you want to find the coolest or mos “favorited” caches in your area or If you’re going somewhere new and only have a limited time and wan to hit the quality caches, try this:
    1. From the Geocaching website select “HIDE & SEEK A
    2. Search by Postal Code, change the miles to 20 then select “GO”
    3. Now click on the Blue Ribbon Favorite Filter. The current Top favorite geocaches within 20 miles will now list in descending order.

  • Niximor

    I have the My Profile page set up as “homepage”, so when I need to search for caches on the web, I have the Map button in the right column available on one click. Personally I think, that searching for geocaches using map tool is the most efficient way to go.