Quiz Results: The Nature Lover

GeocacherTypeQuiz_Badges_vFINAL2_NatureLoverYou are…The Nature Lover!

You were voted “most likely to see Bigfoot” in your high school yearbook. You live for the days you can get out on the trail and leave civilization behind. Trail mix and energy bars are your go-to snacks.  You are happier spending all day hiking for just one (preferably T5) geocache than you would be finding 100.

You’ll love this geocache: Apollos Pool with the Million Dollar View (GC13VNK)

Your ultimate geocaching tools:

  • Heading out for a day of hiking? Be prepared! Create a Pocket Query to find all the geocaches on the trail in advance. You can then download up to 1000 geocaches to your GPS, or they will automatically appear in the Geocaching App when they are ready for download.
  • Using the Geocaching App? Make sure to save your geocaches in advance so that you can access them when you are out of cell range. To do so, create an Offline List in the Geocaching App for Android or iPhone.

Quick Tips for the Great Outdoors:

Do you have additional tips and tricks for your fellow Nature Lovers? Tell us about them in the comments below. Don’t think this geocacher type fits you? Try taking the quiz again!

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • Kris

    That’s me!!!

  • Lizarrd Burgos Ruballo

    me <3

  • Kerstin Heinonen

    thats me, correct

  • SawaSawa

    yes – that fits!

  • Jonas

    Spot on!

  • NicoG

    Even if I don’t find the cache, it’s fine – I got the view… Love hiking!

  • Luna Garlisch

    I love it when there are no human-made sounds at all.

  • kilkennyblue


  • Dainis Ozols

    Nu kaut kā tā…:)

  • Luna Garlisch

    Where do you cache?

  • kilkennyblue

    In Germany, Bavaria … and in the rest of the world … 🙂


  • Kuliszek

    Trip back from woods to civilization (in Czech rep.)… 😉

  • I’m so *not* going to do T5… but D5, on the other hand… nature-loving computer expert here.

  • David

    No human-made sounds and no human-made structures, just the pure nature around you.

  • Becky Ferlo

    no big surprise. I love to hike and hang out on the trails.

  • der-michel

    this is a 100% match… 🙂

  • 7ZV

    I like finding the places that only the locals know.

  • Shell247

    Beautiful view from the beaches of Barbados and had a wonderful time caching =)

  • Laurent Martens

    Well done !

  • Team☮aky

    Wilderness caches are my passion

  • trackersandd

    Being one with nature and a cache of course…

  • Pikominos35

    sure I’m a french nature lover geocaching, and I like it!!! 🙂

  • grandmanan

    We definitely are hiker-cachers. The quiz was fun. We are off tomorrow to do an easy caching walk on the Erie canal.

  • Luna Garlisch

    Hello from Texas!

  • Luna Garlisch

    It is peaceful to find the quiet places. They are always full of sound.

  • Ilga Celmins

    Imagine my surprise to see your comment fly by as I was quickly scrolling through! Where do you do most of your Geocaching? Me – in California, Santa Cruz and Monterey mostly.

  • Dainis Ozols

    Oh, me in my native land Latvia, and neighboring countries as well…

  • eggyTO

    this totaly fits my style of geocaching … cheers

  • sonia

    I am a nature lover too and i love the natural intact beauty of Valley of Flowers in India…:) for more info kindly visit http://www.valleyofflowersinfo