Quiz Results: The Puzzler

GeocacherTypeQuiz_Badges_vFINAL2_PuzzlerYou are…The Puzzler!

Using your brain is the name of the game. You enjoy creative geocache hides that put your mind to the test…and so you laugh in the face of D5 geocaches.

You’ll love this geocache: QuadLockLog (GC330KJ)

Your ultimate geocaching tools:

  • Don’t head out on the trail until you know you are on the right path. Use GeoChecker to double check that the coordinates you have puzzled out are correct.
  • Try creating a Pocket Query for Difficulty 5 geocaches. These geocaches are sure to make you furrow your brow.

Quick Tip for the Brainy Geocaches: Absolutely stumped? Try viewing the page source on the geocache details page, or look for white text. You may just find the clues you need…

Do you have additional tips and tricks for your fellow Puzzlers? Tell us about them in the comments below. Don’t think this geocacher type fits you? Try taking the quiz again!

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • I suppose this result should not be surprising given that I noticed the pattern by the third before 🙂

  • G. Marshall

    I had no doubt in the confirmation that I’m a puzzler. I own several puzzle caches…
    Like Jim Carson, the pattern was quite obvious.
    However, I do think that might actually attribute to the result for this particular crowd.

  • mommio

    Says I am a Puzzler but I don’t do well solving puzzles. What I do do is create puzzles and puzzling containers. There needs to be a category for those who love to hide caches –like me (838 finds, 674 hides, and 12 hides awaiting publication).

  • Mom & Pop Hop

    This is not in some cases I have a hard time figuring out what the puzzie is let alone solve it.

  • The Fat Cats

    Yep, this is me! 😉

  • natz300

    Yep this is me

  • Mervi Juntunen

    That’s me!


    Find another way to get solution for my cache (http://coord.info/GC4K30F). (There is only one way to solve it! [I think])


    Find another way to get solution for my “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – I.” ( http://coord.info/GC4K30F ) cache. (There is only one way to solve it! [I think])