Quiz Results: The Stats Geek

GeocacherTypeQuiz_Badges_vFINAL2_StatsGeekYou are…The Stats Geek!  

Let’s be real. It is all about the numbers. You live for racking up those smileys. Finding 10 billion geocaches in just one day? Finding a geocache 365 days in a row? You say, bring it on.

You’ll love this geocaching experience: ET Highway Power Trail

Your ultimate geocaching tools:

  • Smileys are just the tip of the iceberg. Track your D/T ratings, home location stats, geocache types found, and more on Your Statistics Page.
  • Looking for even more crazy numbers to show off? Run your stats on GSAK and upload the information to your Geocaching.com Profile.

Quick Tip for the Statistician: Did you know Milestones can be edited and locked? From your Account Details page,  find the “Statistics” box on the right hand side of the page. Click “Change” in the Statistics box. From here, you can edit and then lock each of your Milestones. Additional changes to your finds (by cache owners) will no longer affect your Milestones.

Do you have additional tips and tricks for your fellow Stats Geeks? Tell us about them in the comments below. Don’t think this geocacher type fits you? Try taking the quiz again!

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • Jessica Escalera

    I am the stats geek!. Sounds about right too. Lol 🙂

  • RATFraz3 (Rose)

    yep, sounds right for me!!!

  • vdubchick

    I’m a stats geek, really……

  • salz69

    guilty as charged

  • Sandalwood Cottage

    Who is spying on me?????

  • markinsig

    You are missjudging me by a hundred miles.

  • Tim Hewison

    Not me! I can’t imagine anything worse than driving along and stopping every 161 metres to find just another 35mm film canister by the roadside. Although I do love my stats, and try to keep increasing my average D/T ratings (currently D=2.33, T=2.08) and trying to fill the D/T matrix and various obscure challenges based on stats.

  • Wenniget

    Definitely not me either. I love to go for a whole day on a trek to find only one out in the middle of nowhere. Think I got a high score because I’m willing to carry my beer instead of energy bars. And for the last two questions – #4 kind of a crapshoot – #5 – didn’t know anybody with Captain Kirk so picked Miss Marple cause she’s female. I’m definitely the nature lover!!

  • Meritbadgemonster


  • Speedingdevil

    How do hou know?

  • Jeremy Kerstetter

    Yup, I’m a stats geek too! I love watching my numbers go up and my challenges get filled in.

  • Devery Johnson

    I am a librarian so stats and other types of numbers are so me. Plus I love meeting other geocachers. They rock by letting me know useful tips that translate into MORE stats.

  • Teach u a lesson

    How do I get the souvenir

  • luckyastrodiver

    Wow! Did you call it!

  • JOAT

    “Stats Geek”??? Couldn’t be further from the truth. I couldn’t care less about the numbers. I demand a new quiz with larger sample size and questions that have to do with geocaching!