September Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comment

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (sun flare optional)
The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin (sun flare optional)

The guardian of a vanishing iconic geocache, a couple from the far north of the world who’ve helped create a quality geocaching community, and the president of a geocaching association who leads by the two E’s (enthusiasm and more enthusiasm). We’re honoring these geocachers as nominees for the Geocacher of the Month. Each will receive worldwide recognition for their contribution to the global geocaching community and a prize package from Geocaching HQ in Seattle. Which of these nominees will be named Geocacher of the Month?

This is your opportunity to  help decide who will take home the earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (at left). Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive the exclusive special edition geocoin, a hat and profile icon. They’ll also receive a certificate acknowledging their contributions, signed by two of the founders of Geocaching.com.

Dr Evil. - Geocacher of the Month
Dr Evil. – Geocacher of the Month

In August, Dr Evil. was officially named Geocacher of the Month.

One comment details Dr Evil.’s family-friendly approach to geocaching, “His caches are fantastic for kids and getting them interested in caching but also in the great outdoors again. His vlogs on YouTube are always informative, upbeat but above all that you can see his dedication and his passion for finding caches and placing them. He’s organised some great events some for the family, some for the extreme cacher but he is always friendly, polite and always willing to help out a beginner.”

Now it’s your turn to help us select the next Geocacher of the Month. Write a supportive comment at the bottom of this blog for the nominated geocacher that you feel should be awarded the title. A panel of folks from Geocaching HQ will then use your comments to help guide the decision of which geocacher is awarded the Geocacher of the Month honor.

Here are your nominees for the September Geocacher of the Month. Some testimonials have been edited for length.

Carina & Lasse

Carina & Lassie Nominees for Geocacher of the Month
Carina & Lassie Nominees for Geocacher of the Month



Oskar, username OskarÅ says, “Hi, I would like to nominee an older couple from Sweden that has put a lot of smiles on mine and a lot of more people for sure. There names are Carina and Lasse. I live in the southest part of Sweden and just a few miles from my town they have a ton of great caches! They use all of their free time to go geocaching and also building caches for us other to enjoy. Just by looking at their profile of them you can see how active they are and how many favorite points they have on their caches. They are really creative and are the most inspirational geocachers I know.”






Old Navy

Old Navy3_trim
Old Navy Nominee for Geocacher of the Month

Lynn Groves Lussier (aka Ranger Lynn) says, “Since his inaugural year of caching in 2005, Old Navy has placed 372 hides and found 2,892 caches.  Undoubtedly, his greatest contributions to the geocaching community have been through his dedicated leadership as president of the Northern New Jersey Cachers (NNJC) for the last six years.

Inspiring by example and genuine enthusiasm, yet never one to seek the limelight, the success of NNJC is a testament to Old Navy’s wizardry “behind the curtain.”  In addition to converting muggles into members by hosting monthly Meet & Greet events, his skill in connecting NNJC to the geocaching community at large shines through in both his editorial expertise in overseeing the NNJC newsletter, as well as his social media savvy in daily managing the NNJC Facebook page, Twitter site, and official club website.”



Junior Intervales
intervales – Nominee for Geocacher of the Month

Carbon Hunter from South Africa says, “It is not often that one can nominate a cacher with so few finds as global geocacher of the month. However I would like to nominate cacher INTERVALES from Brazil as the geocacher of the month. Junior only has 17 finds and 21 hides.

So what exactly makes this cacher so special and worthy of a nomination (and hopefully being awarded this prestigious award)? Junior is one of those extremely special cachers who stays in a remote area of the world (on the edge of the Brazilian Atlantic Forests) and has hardly travelled from his home base of Capao Bonita in the Sao Paulo province. What makes him extremely valuable and a huge asset to our game is that he is the custodian of the last surviving APE cache in the world. While not being a prolific finder, Junior maintains the APE cache in a very harsh environment (high humidity and heat that can lead to cache degradation). Apart from the APE cache, he has also placed a good few Earthcaches in the surrounding area and maintains traditional caches of his own, and of visiting cachers that travel to the park to find the APE cache.

He is really embodies what all of us seek and attempt to emulate in a cacher, and this especially from a cacher who has not had the opportuntity (like many of us) to find a multitude of caches in our direct environment. I hope that you too will give Junior your vote – and help keep the APE cache alive. I also hope that many many more cachers will have the opportunity to find the APE cache as I did.”

Comment below to tell us who you think should be the September Geocacher of the Month. We will be accepting comments through October 14.

If your nominee wasn’t recognized here, please submit your nominations again next month. We’re always looking for the next Geocacher of the Month. To nominate a geocacher, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@geocaching.com and include the following information:

  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
  • A picture of the nominee
  • Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Featured Geocacher of the Month

Please inform your nominee that you have submitted them for the award. Nominations for the next Featured Geocacher of the Month should be received by October 14. Once Geocaching HQ has received the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so that we might learn from each other.

  • omnigirl

    Old Navy’s got my vote!

  • Cachehunt’r

    I vote for Old Navy too!

  • istvan

    read trough the stories.
    glad to see that someone is there to maintain the APE cache.
    But also great to know, that the Gerbil is taken care, which is for most if us is a more probable cache to log.
    So for me this time it is Old Navy.

  • Andrea

    Vote for John, Old Navy

  • Rangr Dave

    My vote is cast for Old Navy. Although I am sure the other nominees are well deserving of recognition, Old Navy’s efforts have benefitted not only our local geocaching community but the sport of geocaching as a whole. Through events, education, community outreach, and new partnerships, Old Navy has tirelessly promoted the sport. Old Navy has literally blazed new trails, organized and participated in CITO events, dedicated countless hours to the planning and execution of annual events, and all in the
    name of geocaching. Having Old Navy receive this recognition would be just one small way for us to say thank you
    for all you do!

  • MountainNinja

    INTERVALES – I VOTE FOR HIM – A Brasilian for the cacher of the month!!!

  • findus27

    Although all three nominees are worthy of the honor, my vote goes to Intervales! I hadn’t the pleasure of meeting him myself and the APE-cache is still on my watch-list (I hope to get it sometimes myself!), but I’ve read numerous accounts of how he maintains the box in an extreme environment and helps cachers coming from all over the world to find it.

  • Hazel

    Our organization, Great Swamp Watershed Association, has co-sponsored several events over the last two years with NNJC, but primarily through the hard work of John Neale! We’ve even sucked him into becoming an active trustee of our organization and he has helped with trail design and installation at a restoration property we own, and he learned about several years ago as a potential cache location… Most importantly, he loves the outdoors, and creating opportunities for others to get outside to new places around the state. We hope Old Navy is not only Geocacher of the month, but of the year!

  • Bernsa

    Old Navy gets my vote for all of his dedication and tireless efforts to promote geocaching in Northern NJ. Additionally I’d really like to thank Groundspeak for organizing the “geocacher of the month” popularity contest – Bravo!

  • Joyce G.

    With a caring personality and ambitious work ethic, giving back to the community is Old Navy’s forté. His energy and volunteerism are contagious, frequently attracting large turnouts for CITO events, as well as kiosk building and trail construction, trail marking, and maintenance. Innumerable trail users and land managers have benefited from his generosity. Old Navy’s passion and devotion to the sport of geocaching are unsurpassed. He truly embodies the essence and magic of what geocaching is all about: fun, friendship, family, and adventure! My vote is for OLD NAVY!

  • Bclcacher

    John, oldnavy, is an amazing guy. As president of NNJC he is always planning an event, or hanging out at a table promoting geocaching at a community event. Attending several of these events has made my geocaching experience more rewarding.

  • NSPSkiBum

    I have only been geocaching a short while and Old Navy is truly a mentor and leader in our area. His knowledge and passion is infectious as is his ever present smile and greeting. His accomplishments both as a leader of NNJC and work with land managers in many different avenues, from local to governmental, has only helped to solidify his reputation and accomplishments.

    The events and community programs he has held and helped establish only go to further geocaching and set the bar for others to strive for. Old Navy’s quest for quality caching is an inspiration and challenge to try and reach as a geocacher.

    The geotrails he has helped establish with groups from Dukes Farms, NJ Audubon Society, NJ State Division of Fish & Wildlife, plus many others show his passion and leadership in geocaching providing many with great challenges and beautiful & scenic vistas on the way.

    Old Navy is the pinnacle of what geocaching is all about.

  • Jasper Ralph 13

    I nominate OLD NAVY. I’m very much
    aware of many of his hides and contributions. His themed hides and
    placements in many interesting areas are on my want to do list.
    Dedicated, spirited, and enthusiastic are words that immediately come
    to mind when I hear his name. Go Old Navy!

  • steve

    congrat to all nominated cacher
    voting for Old Navy

  • guest

    all who made to this list is special. was nice reading about their dedication to this hobby.
    However all in all this time a cast the vote for Old Navy

  • Bill G.

    As a retired history teacher who has lived in New Jersey for over 60 years, I admire Old Navy’s dedication to placing and maintaining so many quality geocaches and earthcaches, which help my family explore scenic new whereabouts right in our own “backyard,” as well as educate us about the history, geology, and natural heritage of New Jersey from High Point to Cape May. He is truly a pillar in the geocaching community for his tireless efforts in promoting the sport all these years, and most certainly deserves the title of Geocacher of the Month!

  • Sparkie48

    Congratulations to all the nominees, but my vote goes to Old Navy! I’m sure all the nominees are great geocachers, the work Carina & Lasse are doing in Sweden is wonderful, promoting geocaching! In Brazil, Intervales is a helpful and great guy for maintaining one old cache, the Ape cache, which may be important to some folks who care about the Ape cache, many new cachers do not even know about the old movie promotional stunt that created the Ape cache. Compare this to Old Navy who is maintaining 350 caches! But talk about old caches, Old Navy and his club, NNJC even helps maintain NJ’s oldest cache, which is older then the Ape cache! This is because the Ape cache owner and the Gerbil cache owner are absent owners because of distance. Old Navy and NNJC have even held events at NJ’s oldest cache, and I know It is a goal to make sure the Gerbil Cache remain an important historic icon in NJ, all thanks to Old Navy and his NNJC members. I can tell you, Old Navy is a geocaching ambassador and the biggest advocate to the sport of Geocaching in the Tri-State! Old Navy is tired less, he meets with many land managers from the State Parks, Counties, Township parks and many non-profit land managing organizations, all to secure solid relationships and partnerships, so everyone wins with geocaching. Old Navy loves the outdoors, he is also an Earth Cache Master, the highest achievement awarded. Hands Down, I do not know anyone more deserving to be Geocacher of the month, if you have a Geocacher of the year, we’ll you have found your guy!

  • Maxine Finn

    Old navy is the greatest!
    My choice for cacher of month. Truly a driven and motivated instructor of the craft.

  • Volunteer Voter

    its not that easy choice to vote here. i think “OLD NAVY” is one outstanding person for geocaching – he lives geocaching i think. all the things he do for the community are outstanding, i think. on the other hand it seems that theres a guy who feels responsible for the last cache type – isnt it the dream of every geocacher to find it? so if nobody – and who ever will – maintain this cache it will be going down. so, i have to decide and vote. i think for OLD NAVY it is the wrong month. i vote for Intervales at all.

  • Marian lbrewster

    Old Navy has done so much for the geo caching community it is hard to know where to start. He is the head of the Northern New Jersey cachers and plans many events. He contacts the local parks commissions and together they hold clean up activities, geo trails, family fun days. Earlier this week we ran into him at our local preserve where he was planning a geo trail of 28 caches. He had already spent 40 hours just in the planning stage. We always look forward to doing caches by Old Navy because they are way above ordinary, always well placed and in an area that is somewhere you want to return to. Old Navy truly is a catcher of the month or better yet cacher of the year.

  • Maggie :)

    Old Navy gets my vote

  • ist

    i vote for Old Navy.
    thanks to all his help to the geocaching community

  • anonymous

    My vote is for Old Navy

  • Newark1106

    Old Navy John Neale
    Every event I’ve been to he has been there to guide and advise new and old cachers, he seems to have his hands in so many Geo Caching issues

  • Little Buddies

    I vote for Old Navy, John has been the head of NNJC when I first came back to geocaching after leaving it not log after it first started, with his help he has to Geo Caching into a much more organized and fun event, with his caches,events, running NNJC or just showing up at a small event, John traveled after a long work day to visit my 1st Event after having pretty extensive surgery, it was a real boost to see him there when it was local event. It appreciated his support and dedication to Geo Caching and the people that make it up

  • H2″O”

    We’ve had many hours of fun hunting for Old Navy caches since our early days of Geocaching. His is a name that we always associate with quality…in every way! We’ve had the privilege of meeting John on many occasions…usually events that he has either organized or helped to organize. He’s one of the most active members of the geocaching community that we know, and is a huge asset to the game.

    No matter how busy he might be, doing all he does at events, he will always take the time to answer any questions one might have. We’ve seen him talking to newbies with as much enthusiasm as he would to a veteran cacher, and makes everyone feel welcome.

    We consider it an honor to vote for Old Navy as cacher of the month!

  • Liz Patchouli Jackson

    My vote is for Old Navy. He goes out of his way to help virgin cachers get into the swing of things. He is willing to partner with organizations to help create innovative and educational cache experiences for the public AND he throws a mean cache bash!!!

  • IKSI

    Old Navy has my vote….thanks for the geocaching adventures!

  • Mrs. Team Divi Divi

    I am officially putting in my vote for Old Navy. I have known John for many years now and have always enjoyed attending his well-planned and interestingly themed events. I remember the Harry Potter themed GONE Event, the Presidents themed GONE Event, and my favorite was the Poker Run themed event. The monthly meet and greets for NNJC are nights we always look forward to and hate to miss. John goes above and beyond what is necessary to plan a great experience for everyone who attends these events. A tremendous amount of time and thought goes into hiding caches, organizing food donations, gathering raffle prizes, and designing geo-coins. His outreach to the public at numerous “expo” like days in various towns and with organizations like the Great Swamp and Duke Farms Foundation get geocaching introduced to new people and are also fun times for experienced cachers to get together and enjoy the festivities. A real community has formed of local cachers whom we now call our friends. Thanks to John for all of his time and hard work. The NNJC has become a big part of our lives!

  • blueorca

    OLD NAVY should be Geocacher of the month. He is very devoted to geocaching and has hidden so many delightful caches for people of all ages to experience. All these caches are not just a box in the woods – they all come with so much historical information that give a whole new level of meaning to the surrounding area than simply “this is a park.” He has creative and wonderfully crafted series of caches that are a pleasure to find. He is also forefront in hosting many events for the geocachers of New Jersey. Old Navy is truly a valued member of the geocaching community and deserves this title.

  • Rebecca Fitzgerald

    Thanks OLD NAVY for helping spread Geocaching Love around New Jersey! You have my vote!

  • tkitgrl&horse

    What can I say about Old Navy? He is constantly promoting the sport of geocaching and is a great ambassador for the community. The events,series and caches he designs are alway well thought out and fun to do. He is also a great advocate for cooperation among many varied agencies and groups, with out his knowleged, spirit and drive many people would not have an inkling of how geocaching works or it’s benefits to families, state parks, conservation groups and the public in general.
    He bring enthusiasm to everything he does. How he manages to do all that he does is a mystery, but the geocaching community would not be the same without him.
    He deserves the acknowlegement and more!
    Thanks John.

  • Pumpkin

    Old Navy is truly deserving of this honor Geocacher of the month, if not Geocacher of the year!

  • Larry

    Old Navy has really put geocaching on the map with his dedicated service to NNJC.

  • ShortcutsRus

    I am only one half of the ShortcutsRus team, but I’d like to add my 2 cents in voting for Old Navy. We’ve enjoyed many of his fine caching series over the years. One of our very first local events was one sponsored by Old Navy, and we felt immediately welcomed into the caching community. Another event stands out with even greater significance to me now because it put me on a path that has led to all kinds of wonderful learning in my life. There was a geocaching event held at Duke Farms several years ago sponsored by NNJC that celebrated learning about all things Geocaching. We enjoyed the event and then hit the GeoTrail to get some caches. That day put me on a path to learning about stewardship and sustainability that I am still learning and acting on today. I’ve enrolled in courses dealing with educating for sustainability held at Duke Farms and these are having a positive impact on my family, my work environment and my community.
    Old Navy’s ability to outreach to the community has had a good ripple effect he isn’t even aware of. It’s the multiplier effect, one good deed turns into another and another and another. Thanks Old Navy, keep doing what you are doing, it does make a difference and not just to the geocaching community.

  • MS.Blonde

    What can I say about OldNavy, John? He is a great person and organizer of all of the events in Norther NJ. Not only does he organize these events, he supplies either a coin or a pathtag for each event and places all the new caches for it. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone has a great time. He’s a true leader when it comes to geocaching.

    With his partnerships with different organizations, like The Duke Farm Foundation, it has brought me and 100’s of others to a beautiful park which I, as well as others, knew nothing about. With organizing with The Great Swamp Watershed Association and cachers to help them build new trails and maintain them has let people enjoy the these park even more.

    John gets my vote!

  • MetsFanInNJ

    I vote For Old Navy. Congrats to all three nominees, from the descriptions they are all worthy. It appears that intervales is providing a valuable service to the caching community in Brazil. However, John has gone above and beyond to extend the olive branch from the geocaching community to park and land managers from local parks to state forests to unique organizations like the Doris Duke Foundation and Great Swamp Watershed Organization. Offering his services and encouraging other cachers to volunteer creates a symbiotic relationship between “us and them” which also allows caches in places that usually would not be available. His extensive geocaching presentation has been given to dozens of organizations expanding the knowledge of our sport among the muggle community. Plus he hides great series of the caches like the LOST series or the Pirates series that are well-crafted and extensively researched. You not only get a smilie, you get an education too!

    Have others done more for geocaching than John? Perhaps but they are not nominated this month. Old Navy is the man!

  • cavancork

    We would like to post our votes for OLD NAVY. We are Georgia-based cachers who have been informed how Old Navy puts so much work into organizing events to make sure they are the fun they should be. We appreciate those who put time and effort to help others in the hobby have the most positive experiences while they “get out there”, learn about otherwise unknown places and, in many cases, uncover history while having fun

  • Zauberkeks

    My vote clearly goes to Intervales / Junior as he takes care of the last of the APE caches which definitely was one of my absolute caching highlights. He’s very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in Brasil and helped me with specifiying some of the creatures I had encountered in the Park (birds, frogs and so forth), furthermore he is helping a lot of people from abroad with their arrangements and, last but not least, he created some really nice caches himself! I dare to say, that the Intervales State Park would have never seen as many people from around the world, if it had not been for Junior.
    So here is my two thumbs up for Intervales (Junior) (…and I would put more thumbs up if I had more 😉 )

    Greetz from Germany,
    Zauberkeks (a.k.a. Petra)

  • Alkoholix

    Our vote goes to Intervales!
    He maintains a truly unique cache in an area that is not as easily approached as other places in the Americas and therefore makes it possible for cachers from all over the world to have a goal for a very special geocaching experience. He even set out new caches for all the visitors in this remarkable and beautiful National Park.
    Last year during our trip around the world he helped us with all the logistics for our stay, helped us find the last APE cache and we had a wonderful time with him.
    Thank you Junior for the work you do and another thank you to Carbon Hunter for the nomination which Intervales truly derserves.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Mr Team Divi Divi

    My vote is for Old Navy for Geocacher of the Month! He has done so much for the Geocaching community and goes above and beyond, whether it’s hiding quality caches or event planning as part of NNJC or working with local municipalities and parks to introduce geocaching to so many people. As Geocaching continues to grow in leaps and bounds over the years Old Navy has been there in Geo101 introduction classes to bring new people into the sport. Old Navy works very closely with the local community parks and local officials to form partnerships to ensure Geocaching is introduced in a responsible way with
    a clear understanding of its benefits to all. He works so hard to bring the joy of Geocaching to so many.

    Thank you Old Navy for your contribution to Geocaching!

  • “Little Navy” ~ Kelsey

    My vote goes to OLD NAVY, he is an amazing and caring person always wanting to make sure everyone has a great geocaching time. He places many theme caches, earth caches and hosts many fun events! I started caching with OLD NAVY in 2005 when I was just 6 years old, he always teaches me about the outdoor when we go geocaching, I have learned a lot and have a great appreciation for nature. I really love his Cape May Diamond Earth Cache which is a cool learning lesson and takes you to the beach, it has 68 favorite points too! I know how much time OLD NAVY works every day with geocaching, as he meets with a lot of people to promote quality geocaching programs, I am proud of OLD NAVY and love to go geocaching with him, because he is also my Dad! Go OLD NAVY! “Little Navy”

  • Brandon N.

    I vote for Old Navy, I was with him on our very first geocache geocache back in 2005. He taught me responsibility as I helped him design many theme event geocoins and plan events, which was cool for a teenager. We enjoy geocaching and learning about the many historic places we visit. I am always amazed when we are on vacation and we meet new geocachers, how many people know Old Navy, and how many people want to take a photo with him! my Dad. He is the most dedicated Geocacher I know, always teaching Geocaching 101 to many groups including scouts and who ever asked for assistance. He always is making sure others feel comfortable and welcoming new geocacher at the many events he holds with NNJC. I know he has a strong commitment to Geocaching, developing and partnering with many land managers by meeting and building relationships. He manages the Northern New Jersey Cachers organization with the same passion, all for the good of the sport. Old Navy is my Dad and deserves to be geocacher of the month and beyond!

  • Cindy N.

    Old Navy get my vote for Geocacher of the Month! Old Navy has done more to promote Geocaching and bring a Quality experience to the Tri-State more then anyone I know. Geocaching has been elevated with many State, County and Township land managers to partner and install geocahcing programs into these parks. He works with these parks to install Historic or environmental theme geocaches, so there is a learning experience when you go caching at these locations. I enjoy that when I go to these parks I learn something and they are always welcoming to geocachers, all due to the strong efforts of Old Navy! He should be awarded not only Geocacher of the Month but something event Greater for all his wonderful efforts!


    I vote for Old Navy. I met Old Navy last weekend at a community event and I am greatful for the time he took to describe geocaching to me. You could feel the passion he has for the activity during our discussion and it made me go look up this activity when I got home. I found my first ever geocache this weekend and cannot wait to find my next one!!

  • jalazapaka

    Going with Old Navy, local cacher for me and I have found one or three of his hides. Thanks for the huge contribution to the sport.

  • TeamBandN

    When we first started in the sport of geocaching about 1 1/2 years ago Old Navy was there to help answer all our questions. He never tired of our endless questions and was also there to help us when we made our first hide. He is tireless in his effort to promote geocaching. He is always welcoming to new geocachers and encourages them to get involved in the NNJC.

  • Scoutmom08

    I’d like to vote for Old Navy. He’s a great ambassador for geocaching, always ready to meet with interested groups or individuals. I’ve been impressed by how active he is running wonderfully planned events, what a good teacher he is of all things geocaching (great sample cache collection!), and how friendly and helpful he has been whenever I’ve had the privilege to be around him. He is a great asset to the geocaching community.

  • Ranger Lynn

    Well, you might think that everything has already been said about the plethora of ways that Old Navy promotes the sport of geocaching…but you’d be wrong. Each new day finds him pursuing yet another partnership, making yet another connection (from town mayors all the way up to the Governor of New Jersey!), or educating yet another muggle about the joys of caching…he never stops! He is the driving force behind geotourism in New Jersey: thanks to the partnership he forged with the Division of Parks & Forestry, the first official NJ State Park Geotrail will soon be unveiled at historic Waterloo Village; his continuance of the annual Caching Through the Snow event has increased visitation to Kittatinny Valley State Park and others, as well as benefited local businesses for ten years; and his dedicated leadership as president of the Northern New Jersey Cachers (NNJC) has catapulted this local club into the public eye as one of the most respected geocaching organizations in the country.

    He pours his heart and soul into geocaching, knowing its potential to enrich the lives of others as it has for him. Ever since his warm welcome at my very first NNJC Meet & Greet, his encouragement to become more involved in NNJC has given me the opportunity to meet the most wonderful group of friends I could ask for, see some pretty amazing places, and have more fun than I ever imagined. I can’t thank Old Navy enough for these memorable experiences!

    Some geocachers attain “celebrity” status for the number of caches they accrue, while others are locally famous for the number and/or quality of their hides. Though Old Navy deserves accolades for both accomplishments, it’s his boundless energy, genuine enthusiasm, and diehard devotion to the sport which truly make him a legend in the world of geocaching. I VOTE FOR OLD NAVY!

  • slukster

    Old Navy – You can’t talk about Northern NJ geocaching without bringing John up. His commitment to a safe and fun geocaching experience is unmatched. I have found a handful of his caches and they are always fun and challenging. If you ever want to meet with him just stop by at any local event (many hosted by him) where you will find him sharing his experiences and serving as a mentor to new geocachers. We are lucky to have him as our ambassador for geocaching in Northern NJ. Definitely deserves the title of “Cacher of the Month”