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Geocacher vs. Zombie – Who wins?

Brains! Brains!

Editor’s Note: No geocachers were hurt in the making of this story. Based upon true geocaching events that occurred on the Washington-Canadian border on October 26, 2013.

Guest Blog Post By Jayme Hewitt (Username: benandjayme)

Permits are important – even when hunting zombies!

I awoke with an uneasy feeling in my stomach on the morning of October 26th. The fog sat heavy in the fields and echoed the thoughts  running through my head. Is this the end? Does the zombie apocalypse start today? Rumors spread far and wide about zombies invading the west coast, even as far north as the Canadian border.

With no time left to ponder humanity, we threw some supplies in the car and headed out the door. There was a job to be done and we heard that some geocachers were gathering nearby to make a plan. We met up with some friends in Lynden, WA at the Zombie Safe Zone and received our Zombie Hunting Permits.

We began our hunt at the Zombie Paintball Shooting Gallery, honing our skills.

Take that, practice zombie target!

We then carried brains with us through the forest to disguise ourselves with the smell of the dead. The zombies had set up tricky obstacles to slow us down, but we all made it through.

“I not only use all the brains I have, but also all those I can borrow.” -Zombie

After a long day of finding survival clues and dodging the un-dead along scenic logging roads, beautiful harbor spits, and many, MANY places in between (more than 124 miles driven!), we decided that it was going to be incredibly cost prohibitive to continue the hunt. We put our heads together and came up with a new strategy…one that had never been tried before. We decided to make some new friends.

Zombies like s’mores too!

Hindsight is truly 20/20, but  in the end we were so glad that we decided to give the un-dead the benefit of the doubt. Those s’mores were delicious.

How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, er, I mean geocaching event:

  • BYOP (Bring your own pen). With zombies on your heels, you can’t afford to waste time frantically searching for a pen. A stamp works too!
  • Don’t be afraid to say hi.  A geocaching event is a great place to make new friends. Bonus: That new friend may even save your brains from a zombie.
  • Find a carpool buddy. Zombies (and geocaches) can cover great distances. Team up, save gas, and increase your odds of survival.

The GeoZombie Run 2013 (GC497DT ) was a blast! Thanks for all the hard work in organizing this event, Half-Canadian and Scooter the Wonder Dog!


You never know when you might run into a Zombie (especially if you visit Geocaching HQ). It’s time to gear up with the Special Edition Zombie Hunter Geocoin. 




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