The First Lesson: We Were All Beginners Once



Remember your first geocaching find? That fist-pumping moment when you finally spotted the hidden container? Let us answer for you: Of course you do! Whether you’ve found 10,000 or 10 geocaches since, your first geocaching experience won’t be forgotten. That experience of being a beginner geocacher was also your first lesson in geocaching. Now beginners have a new TOTT*. It’s the latest video from Geocaching HQ, “The Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Geocache.”


Check out the video to freshen up on tips and tricks, then share the new video with all those beginnergeocachers out there.

*Are you unsure of what TOTT means? Take the new Geocaching Lingo Test to find the meaning of TOTT and other geocaching lingo.

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  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    I remember our 1st cache which we did as a family, and recall thinking this is something that could help us as a family to spend more time together – and it has 🙂 When I receive a log on my cache or see logs from those who may have attended the same event as me, and see they have not found many caches, or say this is their first event etc. I send them a quick message to introduce myself, thank them for doing my caches and invite them to reply if they would like any help or support re other events happening or what type of caches they would like to do. I am pleased that quite a few cachers have replied and I have had the opportunity to meet up with a few cachers to go caching or meet up at events. 🙂

  • Catherine Kilgour

    Our first cache hunt ended in a DNF! Yes we went back after some help from the CO and found it later. At that time we were still hunting without a GPSr just printing out the cache page with the map and going hunting.