What’s your high score? — Arkadia (GC4R1CQ) — Geocache of the Week

Your geocaching skills will get you here, but your arcade skills will get you to the logbook. Photo courtesy of CO Svarta-Baskern
Your geocaching skills will get you here, but your arcade skills will get you to the logbook. Photo courtesy of CO Svarta-Baskern

Geocache Name:

Arkadia (GC4R1CQ)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

We’ve seen geocaching combined with quite a few things: movies, tv shows, urban legends, etc… And now, thanks to some ingenious geocache creators,  a classic arcade game. This geocache surfaced thanks to Reddit user malken, who posted a video of the geocache in the geocaching section of the site. Once geocachers figure out the first stage and make it to the second stage, the real fun begins. For those of us who grew up in the 80s, it will most likely be a breeze, but others may have trouble, hence the level 4 difficulty. Geocachers must play a round of the classic arcade game Asteroids and get at least 5000 points to be able to access the logbook. And if you stick around and play a few more rounds, I don’t think anyone will blame you.

What the Geocache creators, Master_Dummy and Svarta-Baskern have to say:

“Our inspiration came from the youth of one of the CO´s (Master_Dummy) he grew up with these games and wanted to implement it in a cache, we wanted to do something different and as the quality of caches in Sundsvall already where at such a high standard (Thanks mostly to Team Cache Us If You Can) we knew we had to do something special.

We would like thank all the geocachers out there for providing us with inspiration, there are such a vast amount of good caches out there and good people as well, it´s been a constant joy ever since we started caching and we hope that this cache will continue to entertain and encourage people to push the boundaries of caching. Thank you all and TFTC!”

# of Finds:

15 (It’s not all about the numbers, okay?)

# of Favorite Points:


What geocachers are saying:

(all have been translated from Swedish)

“Definitely worth a favorite point! Thank you for making geocaching in Sundsvall even better! TFTC” – simmarn96

“…we could not help but be impressed by the construction. With some teamwork at the controls, we got enough points to sign the logbook. After this trip down memory lane, we started talking about that it was almost 25 years since the last time we played anything like it. And how high tech it was then. Feel like you’re getting old… Top score is given for the ingenuity, the technical design and time travel!” – Pebi*

“Wow! One of the best and coolest caches I’ve visited!” – JonasGulle

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Svarta-Baskern (one of the COs) and the geocache.
Svarta-Baskern (one of the COs) and the geocache.
These are the controls: your tools to achieving victory!
These are the controls: your tools to achieving victory!


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  • intheknow

    What a fantastic idea!

  • cachenscary

    Saturday November 23 was the 50th Anniversary of the very first Dr. Who episode. A British cult show, Dr. Who is also very popular in the U.S. and Canada. A new puzzle series of 58 caches was published by Telex in late October in Washington State near the Tiger Mountain area. The puzzles are very creative and fun. The hides expose the community to one of the premier trail biking and hiking areas of the Pacific Northwest. And exposing the UK to this new cache will make a visit to the HQ area even more fun for them. First cache in the series is GC4PBJK.

  • Tiago Veloso

    This is a great cache.
    But you must check this: GC3X3D9.
    This is a letter that involves telephone booths. You dial a number and you must play a 2600 Hz sound frequency to unlock the next message.

    The idea is to block an hacked phone station.
    Check that.

  • Jake Kool

    The Quest for The Holy Grail GC3WKNB is a series of 29 caches that’s been out just over a year
    now. The series has 740 fav. points. I could try to explain just how great this series is, but the logs do a better job of it and that’s what counts.