10th Anniversary of the EarthCache


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Celebrate the 10th birthday for a geocache type that often takes you tens of millions of years into the Earth’s past. For a decade, EarthCaches have delivered adventurers to the tops of mountains, to strange and unusual rock formations and into the the steaming, bubbling processes that created the Earth—all without a geocache container. Instead, geocachers must use their geological detective skills to uncover the answers to specific questions about the location.

EarthCaching in 6 Bullet Points:

  • 16,600 active EarthCaches worldwide (there’s probably one near you)
  • The first EarthCache was published on January 10, 2004
  • Partnership with the Geological Society of America
  • Found more often and receive more favorite points than average geocaches
  • There are more than 100 events worldwide celebrating EarthCaching’s 10 years
  • Join the celebration! Watch this video for an EarthCaching experience, then go out and find one of your own.
  • Dr.MORO


    Any special souvenir awarded to attendees of the EarthCache 10th Birthday Events, like mine (GC4VMMZ)?


  • Seb@51

    First, you said 2003, and then you said 2004. 😉 Christmas Holidays are hard 😀

  • Thanks for creating an event. Unfortunately there’s no souvenir this time around.

  • Whew… and fixed!

  • dragon flyer

    She really shouldn’t be out there caching alone under those conditions…

  • dragon flyer

    Really – there’s plenty of time to come up with one before Jan 10…

  • Guest

    I love earthcaches! Will there be a special icon we can receive if we complete an earthcache on 1-10-14?

  • Matthew Dawson

    Thanks very much for the great article, and video! We look forward to celebrating with you all this weekend! Best wishes, Matt from GSA (GeoawareHQ)