A Piece of California in Germany — Wellingtonie (GCXGEX) — Geocache of the Week

If this tree turns out to be an Ent, just start running. Photo by appropriately named geocacher, Happy Tree Friends.

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Wellingtonie (GCXGEX)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Geocaches tell the story of a specific location. Sometimes the story is something as simple as “I enjoyed a beautiful view here.” In the case of this geocache, the story is a bit more extraordinary. In the mid 1800s, Germany was experiencing a significant wood shortage. Around the same time, news of an enormous tree traveled across the ocean from California’s redwood forest. Shortly thereafter, seeds of these trees were sent to Germany and planted. Now, several Giant Redwoods stand in the middle of Germany, nearly 5,500 miles (8800 km) from where they are naturally found. The trail to these giants is passable in winter, so bundle up and head out to visit the trees and find this geocache.

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What geocachers are saying:

(translated from German)

“Great idea, we are really amazed and now I understand the many Fav points!  Thanks for the show, the redwoods are worth a visit. Impressive.” – aussietibo

“We went here on our caching outing on the cache-bikes. We scurried off into the bushes and found a very exceptionally great box! Absolutely fantastic. A very nice idea, well implemented. We enjoyed this very much. For this, we assign a blue bow!” – Sensa-5

“On today’s Wisdom Trail, this cache made ​​curious. This is something we have never seen before. We were totally surprised, amazed and thrilled. So much effort is certainly worth several bows but we must indeed awarded only one.” – Bandiyak

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The cache is not in the tree. Please don't try to climb it. Photo by geocacher TreasureHunter82
The cache is not in the tree. Please don’t try to climb it. Photo by geocacher TreasureHunter82


See? Winter is no excuse not to make this find. Photo by geocacher cy_rate_am


I bet this geocacher made sure to CITO after hugging the tree. Photo by geocacher Vincent05
I bet this geocacher made sure to CITO after hugging the tree. Photo by geocacher Vincent05

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The story behind this geocache joins two places that are nearly half a world away from each other. What other geocaches connect you to other places or other geocachers? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Team Shoogie

    That is beautiful..and this is why I love geocaching! I have seen sights that I never would have known existed! Thank you geocachers!!!

  • JoeBuck

    These are sequoia trees (Sequoia giganteum), not coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens). The former grow in the Sierra Nevada in eastern California and are larger in diameter but not as tall. The latter grow in the “fog zone” on the California coast. The redwoods couldn’t tolerate the German climate, but it looks like sequoias do quite well.