Connecting the World With Geocaching — Köln-Seattle Exchange Multicaches (GC1GWEV and GC1H38J) — Geocache of the Week

Seattle – Köln
Seattle – Köln

Geocache Name:

Köln-Seattle Exchange Multicaches (GC1GWEV and GC1H38J)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:

Seattle: 2/3

Köln: 3/2

Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

It’s often said that the best thing you find while geocaching isn’t the geocache, but the people you meet along the way. You can meet other geocachers at events, on the trail, or while coordinating your finds for this pair of geocaches. Completing the Köln-Seattle Exchange MultiCaches takes geocaching teamwork to the next level. To make the find, you’ll have to pair up with a geocacher across the world. Here’s how it works: you go to the first stage of the geocache. There you’ll find coordinates for the second stage of the other geocache. You send those coordinates to your international partner, and then bam! You can both go find the geocaches in your respective countries.

# of Finds:

Seattle: 107

Köln: 118

# of Favorite Points:

Seattle: 39

Köln: 52

What one of the geocache owners, Thoto, has to say:

“In 2005 we had a similar cache here in Cologne which inspired me to create this transatlantic cache. I just loved the idea to connect with people from the other side of the world and play the game together.”

“It is always a great feedback you get. I am very happy to see that a lot of cachers like the idea of a transatlantic cache as much as I do. Furthermore I am extremely proud when I look at the high number of cachers who have already visited and logged both “sites” of the cache. Someday I hope to find the Seattle cache as well.”

What geocachers are saying:

“This is the best Multicache I ever played! Together with Pico69 and Schwarzer Peter in Cologne we solved the challenges together. As a Cologne citizen working for a Seattle headquartered company, I was in town and had some time to go after this cache.” – Arnold1967

“It is actually an interesting place to visit and search, and very rewarding once you actually find the cache. Thanks for setting up another one of these “hands across the water” geocaches. They add a new dimension to the game.” – Scouting4Ever

“Great adventure between the two cities!!! Thanks to DieGroppis in Köln and Quigquay in Seattle! This idea it allowed me explore new areas and see how interesting and multi cultural Geocaching can be!!” – MedicineManOfSeattle

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A geocaching team in Seattle on the way to the find. Photo by geocacher SkyTrain
A geocaching team in Seattle on the way to the find. Photo by geocacher SkyTrain
One of the sites to see while you're in Köln: Kölner Dome! Photo by Geocaching HQ'er Prying Pandora
One of the sites to see while you’re in Köln: Kölner Dome! Photo by Geocaching HQ’er Prying Pandora
Found it! Photo by geocacher Aga & Deti
Found it! Photo by geocacher Aga & Deti

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This geocache is all about geocachers helping each other out. What’s your favorite way to help other geocachers? Tell us in the comments.

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  • dragon flyer

    Nice, but even more interesting and elegant: The World Cache series by The Kiff, LeadMagnet, Hefe3, Sispu & HU, and Philma, which calls for co-operation by team mates from FIVE different countries. Of course, none of those finals are in Seattle…

  • Murazor


    For me to honestly score a multicache one should visit all the stages IN PERSON!
    Coordinates exchange sounds like cheating…

  • anonymous

    who wrotes this guideline? “physical caches cannot require geocachers to contact anyone.”

  • Aga & Deti

    Ohhh thanks for voting this nice cache to the geocache of the week.
    In 2009 we solved the German part of the cache with help of “geotrackers2006” in Seattle.
    This year we visited Seattle, the HQ (left a TB at the main Desk) and found the Seattle part of this nice cache.
    It was amazing to solve the hole series by finding bouth parts.
    Thanky to the owners for this great idea.
    Have a good cache year 2014 and many other cool caches like this one

  • SaxAtPhone

    I finished the part in Cologne (my hometown) with a good friend of mine who visited Seattle. Unfortunately, he didn’t find the final. But I did find the on in Cologne. It was fun.
    Perhaps, some day I will search for the other one in the USA.