November Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comment

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (sun flare optional)

From the cold winter nights in the frigid north to the warm beaches of tropical paradise, the nominees for Geocacher of the Month share (at least) one thing in common: dedication.

Each nominee is being honored for their contributions to the geocaching community. Each will receive worldwide recognition and a prize package from Geocaching HQ in Seattle, but which will be named Geocacher of the Month?

This is your opportunity to  help decide who will take home the earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (at left). Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive the exclusive special edition Geocoin, a hat and a profile icon. They’ll also receive a certificate acknowledging their contributions, signed by two of the founders of Geocaching.com.

Mic68 - October Geocacher of the Month
Mic68 – October Geocacher of the Month

In October, Mic68 was named Geocacher of the Month.

One geocacher who commented wrote, “After visiting (Mic68’s)“Dragonheart” I kept referring to this cache as the best I’ve ever done. By now they have published another one which we have just finished a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that this cache definitely is a milestone in geocaching! Wow! In Germany people are willing to travel quite a bit if the cache is worth it and I see people flocking in. The mixture of storytelling, suspense, technical know-how and fun is hard to beat.  Also, this team is immensely nice and helpful! All in all they are very worthy candidates and I would be happy for them to win!”

Now it’s your turn to help us select the next Geocacher of the Month. Write a supportive comment at the bottom of this blog for the nominated geocacher that you feel should be awarded the title. A panel of folks from Geocaching HQ will then use your comments to help guide the decision of which geocacher is awarded the Geocacher of the Month honor.

Here are your nominees for the November Geocacher of the Month. Some testimonials have been edited for length.



Janizy – Geocacher of the Month Nominee

Milton Munoz writes, “Janizy has been one of most outstanding geocachers in the history of the hobby in Puerto Rico. She started 4 and half years ago, since then she is being a leader, creating events and inviting geocachers to the most beautiful places of the island. Her caches combine a wide variety of clever ideas and diabolic camouflages, which have become the most wanted (and frightful too) in the local arena. She has created one the most successful Multi-Cache in the south part of the island, inviting geocachers to do CITO in a beautiful coastal valley area.

Janizy has involved her entire family into the hobby: husband, 2 daughters, brother, sister, brother in law, niece and nephews. Janizy and her family are known as one the most successful FTF (First to Find) hunters of the island. Janizy has a great passion for the photography too and always is taking pictures and recording video of every geocaching adventure and produces excellent videos that she uploads in her YouTube and Vimeo channels. Janizy combines pretty well her profession as Special Education Teacher and her passion for the geocaching, recently she created the first Earth Cache published by a local geocacher on the island. For all the energy and interest that Janizy puts in to geocaching, she deserves to be honored as the geocacher of the month!”



BIGBROTHERBEAR - Nominee for Geocacher of the Month
BIGBROTHERBEAR – Nominee for Geocacher of the Month

Gary Goodyear writes, “I would like to submit BIGBROTHERBEAR as the Geocacher of the Month.  BBB (bigbrotherbear) and his series Quest For The Holy Grail (GC3WKNB) was an inspiration for us. Jim (bigbrotherbear) spent months planning and researching the series.  BBB has taken time out of his life for so many people to accompany them on this journey. If someone needs some help while out on the trail he is more than willing to do this for them, not just a nudge or hint, he will bring them water, food or whatever they need. BBB is involved with the Iowa Geocaching  Organization. He has hidden many caches to help make the events successful for them.

BigBrotherBear is more than the average cacher. He contributes countless hours to the community as well. His series Quest For The Hoiy Grail won the IGO peoples choice for outstanding series of 2013.

If you look at the entire series you will see that it has been awarded more than 650 favorite points in total. BBB has hiked this series with several of the teams. 8-12 miles of rough terrain, hills, river crossings and wild life. BBB is planning a new series that involves over 161 well placed caches. It has been placed submitted and is awaiting review.

BBB will take the time to get the permission to place the caches and he also maintains them. I found one of his bike trail geocaches that was in need of repair. I called BBB and told him about this. The next day he was at the site and had repaired it.”




NorthWes - Nominee for Geocacher of the Month
NorthWes – Nominee for Geocacher of the Month

Darlene Fortin writes, “I would like to nominate NorthWes of Anchorage, Alaska for geocacher of the month. NorthWes is the president of Geocache Alaska. NorthWes is a man of knowledge on his state and on Geocaching. Northwes took time out of busy life to help me organize Events and Geocaching tours for 72 geocachers who were cruising from Vancouver to Alaska. Northwes organized a Meet and Greet for the Cruisers and the locals to meet each other and supplied some awesome prizes for the Event. Northwes is a very respected cacher in his area and has many caches throughout Anchorage and works hard to keep his and other caches in the area maintained. He also guided many of us on private geocaching tours through many of the parks in Anchorage. His knowledge of Alaska was amazing to help us with the many earthcaches through out Alaska.

NorthWes also helped me with all the paperwork to make Bermuda Island Geocachers a non-profit organization. His organization is well established and has members all over the world.

He is for sure one of the best ambassador for Geocaching and is well respected by his local cachers and now all the cachers that were cruising from all over the states and Bermuda. This man surely deserves to be recognized for all his hard work he has put into geocaching for Alaska!”




Comment below to tell us who you think should be the November Geocacher of the Month. We will be accepting comments through December 30.

If your nominee wasn’t recognized here, please submit your nominations again next month. We’re always looking for the next Geocacher of the Month. To nominate a geocacher, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@geocaching.com and include the following information:

  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
  • A picture of the nominee
  • Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month

Please inform your nominee that you have submitted them for the award. Nominations for the next Geocacher of the Month should be received by January 3. Once Geocaching HQ has received the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so that we might learn from each other.


  1. The Dubuque Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau had the pleasure of meeting BigBrotherBear and experiencing his obvious passion for geocaching during his recent visit. He does done a wonderful job creating a unique experience for visitors all over the country. We can’t wait to see what more he can do to help bring people to our area. Here’s to BigBrotherBear – who we belive should be Cacher of the Month!

  2. Although we have not done BigBrotherBear’s series Quest for the Holy Grail, we have heard many good comments about the series. He helped hide caches for the Iowa Geocachers annual event and has a real love for the game.

  3. Have to agree with iowaPete–BigBrotherBear has offered help to even us “beginners”. I’ve heard so much about the Holy Grail and “G” Men series! Can’t wait to try them!!

  4. I going to give my indorsment to Big Brother Bear based on the total package. If giving back where a hill Big Brother Bear would be a mountain. It is clear to me after reading posts that there are followers and than then there is leaders.

  5. Our vote is for BIGBROTHERBEAR. As his name implies, he is Iowa’s Big Brother of geocaching. Super friendly, super helpful and super creative at hiding caches and continuing to keep this great sport fresh and challenging. Can’t wait to get started on his new series The G-Men, which adds several twists and layers to the game. Congratulations to all of the November nominees!

  6. My vote goes towards NorthWes because his time, effort and overall enjoyment of geocaching that is in true spirit of a Geocacher of the Month award. NorthWes has put forth a great deal of his time and effort into the GeocacheAlaska! organization to make the organization successful in promoting and educating about geocaching. His leadership skills have assisted GeocacheAlaska! in making the all important bond that we have we landowners that allow us to place caches and keep enjoying the hunt. NorthWes is a great nominee for this award and should be the next Geocacher of the Month!

  7. BIGBROTHERBEAR has put a lot of thought and work into his caches. He is always willing to lend a hand and wants cachers to have a quality caching experience. He goes out of his way to ensure they do as well. My vote is for BBB!!!

  8. I’d like to put my support behind BIGBROTHERBEAR. He’s a great guy and was more than willing to help out the team that I brought from out of state to tackle his Holy Grail. We had a great time working through the challenges both mental and physical that he had laid out for us and at the end of the day as we were starting to fade, he met us and walked along for the last couple of caches. It’s always good to run into him either on his turf or mine and chat. Thanks for adding so much fun to the game in our neck of the woods!

  9. I believe in Janicy! She is the best geocacher that I know so far! The geocacher of the Month Award is definetely a merit that she deserves!

  10. I vote for Janizy. Their caches always take you somewhere beautiful, you are forced to think, contribute to the environment (such as cache-GC23PZN Clavellina CITO Trail) or instruct you about history or geology (as his newly released EarthCache Coamo Hot

  11. With spectacular events, their caches with evil camouflage and charisma and good treatment for everyone who knows her, Janizy has earned a special place in the community of geocachers from Puerto Rico. My vote is for her!

  12. Janizy is the first geocacher from Puerto Rico to dare to work and publish a EarthCache. The variety in their caches and events is admirable. It also has an excellent power to call. There is always a lot of participation and community support in their events and activities.

  13. We’re excited at Geocaching HQ to see all the positive comments for each of the wonderful nominees. While they’re not the only deciding factor, the comments count. Quality comments offer us a great insight into the character of each geocacher. To us, they’re all already winners. Thank you again – and happy holidays from (a rainy) Seattle!

  14. I have to cast my vote for BigBrotherBear. When we planned a day to find his Camelot series, he came out and joined us. The terrain was challenging, but he came right along with us to make sure we had fun and to verify all the caches were present. He has some creative hides and wants to make sure everyone has fun. He has many good hides and series of hides.

  15. Big Brother Bear wow what a cacher, a icon in the Midwest, but he would be the first to say he doesn’t know why . His selfless giving to his preservation of nature to his work the parks and trails. But let’s not forget his geocaches, he has one of the highest rated series in the United States and his new one looks awesome 164 caches that spans 26 miles and is not a power trail. He mentors new cachers on all aspects of the game. He will help you on seconds notice and that’s with anything you need. I know he has caches laid out for next year already that I’m sure will knock your socks off and hot off the press he is now working with Dubuque Tourism Board to promote geocaching in Dubuque i can’t think of a more deserving Geocacher.
    Thank you for all that you do Bear

  16. My experience in the Janizy´s caches and events has always been positive and challenging. Her competitive events are on another level. She has the ease of integrating camping, photography and video production with geocaching excellently. My vote is for her.

  17. Janizy, since her beginings has shown great commitment to geocaching and uses her skills with photography and video production to document their adventures on the trails with friends geocachers. Thanks to her pictures on instagram and vimeo videos of geocaching (you can find both profiles, by her nick janizy), many people in Puerto Rico and other countries have known and have been interested in geocaching and to visit our island. Janizy is an excellent ambassador for geocaching in Puerto Rico and my vote is for her.

  18. My vote is for Janizy. Every time I’ve needed her help at some cache, in the preparation of a listing or on the trails, she has always been willing to help. She even opened the doors of her house. She is the best!

  19. Big Brother Bear gets my vote
    I beleave that everone should read all the logs for The Quest For The Holy Grail Gc3WKNB they will tell you about this epic series in there own words. Than and only than you will get a true understanding why this series has earned 743 favored points in 1 year and why this cache craftsmen should be chosen for this honor

  20. My vote is for JANIZY! I have enjoyed some of her caches, all very well hidden and with breathtaking views! I must be the geocacher of the month!

  21. Janizy gets my vote to be geocacher of the month honor. She is a proud geocacher, she and her entire family organize events of excellency for all the geocaching community in Puerto Rico. I hope she wins!!!

  22. Already we vote for JANIZY. Our reason vote for her is base in her quality as person. She is happy, enthusiastic, well motivated geocacher teacher, mother, wife, daughter, sister and inconditional friend. In her videos she shows her loves for family, friends , geocaching and Puerto Rico. Some of her photos and videos of geacaching in PuertoRcio can be use as promotion our island. outside.

  23. I have been in some geotrips organized by JANIZY and I they have been the most I have enjoyed. My vote is for JANIZY, she represents very well all the geocacher of Puerto Rico, her caches are very well planned and camouflaged. There are not many geocachers that compete with her and her family for the FTF hunts. She deserves the honor to be Geocacher of the Month.

  24. Big Brother Bear is a legend in the Midwest and many parts unknown. He has indorsments from Dubuque County Conservation Board and the Dubuque county DNR and Dubuque County Naturalist plus The Dubuque Area Convention & Vistor’s Bureau. Says a lot they just don’t give endorsements to anyone, he has proven his comitment to geocaching, the parks and trails of Dubuque County and the comunity

  25. I have to agree with Ben they just don’t give endorsements, they are earned. This honor of Geocacher of the Month I feel should go the person that has that has truly given. This honor should never be voted upon but use credentials and testimonials anything else would make this cheapen this honor.
    Everything Big Brother Bear has done was for the betterment of Geocaching, the environment and the comunity in which we live. I know in my heart bear has earned and deserves this honor. He is also father and a loyal husband to his wonderful wife Nita. My endorsement goes to Big Brother Bear

  26. NorthWes gets my vote for Geocacher of the Month (and for the Year if that was an option) for the following reasons:

    Wes Skinner, also known as NorthWes, began geocaching on September 10, 2004, after learning about the game through a
    program at his daughter’s (Beluga183) school. His enthusiasm for the game quickly gathered momentum and in addition to finding caches, NorthWes also started placing caches, adopting caches, hosting events to build a sense of caching community, and building relationships with local Land Managers.

    NorthWes currently has 120 caches under his account. Most take people to scenic locations and many of those are recognized with favorite points. Of special note are Turnagain Arm Tidal Bore Earthcache (GCN6YV), Alaska’s first EarthCache, Serenity View (GCNGKC), located on a bluff in Anchorage’s Kincaid Park that features sweeping views of Cook Inlet, four mountain ranges, and at least three volcanoes, Kenai Overlook (GC149XQ), featuring a view of Kenai Lake in Cooper Landing, and Tram at Winner Creek Gorge (GCWARK) which requires cachers to cross a gorge above a roaring glacier fed river using a hand operated cable tram.

    NorthWes’ sense of a special place is supported by a strong desire to learn about and share the history of the location, which explains his penchant for developing historical caches such as Swords into Plowshares (GCNPAP ) and developing
    (1964 Alaska Earthquake: Government Hill Landslide (GC2WRQB), one of six he’s created) and finding EarthCaches (he is a Platinum EarthCache Master). NorthWes is also an avid benchmark seeker, having recovered and logged more than 1200 benchmarks to date, and encourages Cachers to participate in benchmarking with placement of “two-fer” caches such as BULWARK (GC3097X) and Can’t See the Forest for the Trees… (GCY1TT).

    NorthWes has a strong sense of community, understanding that the geocaching wouldn’t be what it is without the people who play the game. He recognized early on that organizing Alaskan geocachers would have the dual benefit of strengthening the
    geocaching community and establishing credibility with local Land Managers. With this in mind, NorthWes collaborated with a few other Alaskan cachers and hosted the CALLING ALL ALASKA CACHERS! (GCQ2NN) Event in August 2005, which was the first of many meetings that eventually led to the incorporation of GeocacheAlaska! Inc., the statewide non-profit organization for all Alaskan geocachers. Since its incorporation, NorthWes has served on the GeocacheAlaska! Board of Directors as a Member at Large, Secretary, and will begin his second term as President in January, 2014. During these years of service, NorthWes had a direct hand in the organization growing to over three hundred members representing most regions in Alaska and several other states and countries and hosting more than 130 events since March 2009.

    In addition to being an administrator, NorthWes likes to have fun! He hosted the Anchorage Holiday GeoFest ’05 (GCRE1B) which has become an annual tradition, most recently as the 9th Annual Geofest (GC4R64Q). NorthWes also regularly hosts an Alaskan version of the World Wide Flash Mob (most recently, WWFM X – Top of the World – Ice Planet Hoth , GC49824, at N71°) and the Geocaching Anniversary Event (Geocaching’s Anniversary Meet’n’Mingle, GC4A6TN). He also shares his eclectic tastes, serving up spam and pipeapple kabobs at Post – Apocalyptic Hibernal Solstice Gathering (GC426MJ) in subzero weather. NorthWes owns a pair of standard poodles who have tagged along during placement of dog-themed caches such as The dog did it! (GCPE1F), Skijor! (GCRQGT) and SPOO Power Walk (GC3K2DR). In addition, NorthWes rolls out the welcome mat for visiting geocachers, hosting events under either his own account (Great Alaska Cache’N’Dash Meet’N’Greet Dinner (GCQJHV), Spring Meet’N’Greet Dinner with MaxB & Friends (GC11XHQ) and GeoCruiser Meet’n’Greet (GC4E3CQ )) or in collaboration with GeocacheAlaska!

    NorthWes also understands geocaching cannot be played without the support of local Land Managers. As a result, he fostered a relationship with the Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department to allow caching on local parklands without a permit. In the “give back” spirit, he organized and hosted Alaska’s first CITO Event, Kincaid Park CITO Event (GCN506), and has two other CITO Events under his account and many others under the GeocacheAlaska! account. NorthWes has also fostered relationships with the Alaska State Park rangers, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rangers, National Forest rangers, State of Alaska Fish and Wildlife Refuge managers, and United States Fish and Wildlife administrators. Ongoing collaboration with these Land Managers is evidenced by ongoing growth of geocaching on Alaskan public lands and publically demonstrated by hosting Geocaching Events during National Trails Day and on other occasions (most recently, Celebrate Caching at BLM’s Campbell Tract! (GC4NB3B)).

    Finally, NorthWes philosophically believes in education, whether it be cache hiding, trackables, GSAK, and caching ethics
    FUNdamentals. He hosted Alaska’s inaugural “Introduction to Geocaching” events including Introduction to Geocaching (GCV0W5) and Back To School Intro to Geocaching (GCXQDR). Most recently, NorthWes organized a presentation to a University of Alaska technology student chapter at IndieInfoTech Exchange (GC47NVC) and he has presented several topics at GeocacheAlaska!’s monthly EduVents.

    So, I hope folks can see that NorthWes is a well-rounded cacher with positive far-reaching impact on geocaching. Please throw your support behind NorthWes for November Geocacher of the Month.

  27. My vote is for Janizy. This girl is a great team leader and all the caches and events she organize are of great quality and she takes from her time to do this for all the geocaching community. She must be awarded as geocacher of the month.

  28. My vote is for Janizy. Congratulations for her nomination and for the other nominees too. Janizy is an outstanding geocacher and she is always planning, and creating great adventures and camping to take advantages of geocaching to connect people. I hope she wins the honor to be geocacher of the month.

  29. My candidate is JANIZY, she must be the geocacher of the month, because her caches are very interesting, and very well maintained. The fear of the dark events she organized are among the best events in the island. The fear of the dark event was created by another geocacher but she and her family put the other editions in a top level competition. Go JANIZY!

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