Shop Geocaching for the Holidays

MailerImage_120213_HolidaygiftGuide_vFINAL_BlogThis holiday season one Geocaching gift will smile back at you as it travels the world, heck it might even wave. It’s the poseable and adorable trackable LEGO™ geocacher. Each LEGO™ geocaching adventurer features the Geocaching logo and a unique tracking code.

Launch the geocaching game piece on a mission to explore as it bounces from geocache to geocache and track the entire journey on Geocaching.com. It might even be tempted to take a trip the most favorited geocache in Germany, near  LEGOLAND® Berlin.

The trackable LEGO™ geocacher is one of dozens of holiday gift ideas available for U.S. orders through Shop Geocaching and orders outside through U.S. through our International Retailers.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Geocaching HQ.

  • dragon flyer

    Good Lord – that’s a ridiculous number of favourite points! Just because you have some doesn’t mean you can’t show some discrimination about what you do with them…

  • zargfinders

    BTW, when you click on the ‘trackable LEGO geocacher’ link and scroll down to ‘Outside the USA?’, it says ‘Use the retailers below in your country to order the Zombie Hunter Geocoin’. Seems this must have been copied from something else and was never changed. And geostuff doesn’t have the guy!

  • Thanks for the proof reading. We’ll make that edit real quick. Appreciate it!

  • Fixed! And word is GeoStuff will receive their Legos tomorrow. Woot woot!

  • Ruthanne

    Every time I check this is sold out 🙁 Was hoping to give it as a Christmas gift to my grandson (a LEGO freak! )