14 Geocaching New Year’s Resolutions Revealed for 2014

new year resolution

The year is now 2014. You probably know that. If not, well, let us be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! And what’s a new year, without a few new goals? For 2014, we’ve collected 14 New Year’s resolutions for geocachers from the global geocaching community. Everyone’s resolution is different, but we bet there’s at least one for you. We hope this list inspires you to push yourself to explore more, see new locations, meet new people, and of course, find more geocaches.


  Host or attend a geocaching event



  Create a creative geocache that will earn (many) Favorite Points



  Find a minimum of 365 geocaches



  Have one day where you find 24 geocaches in 24 hours



  Solve the Puzzle Caches that stumped you in 2013



  Log DNF’s (Did Not Find)



  Add 5 more countries to the list of places where you’ve found geocaches



  Spend more time geocaching with family



  Forget about the numbers, just have fun geocaching



  Reach a milestone that ends in three zeroes (like 2,000)



  Fill your Difficulty and Terrain chart on your statistics profile



  Be the First to Find at least once



  Find a Terrain 5



  Discover a geocaching location that makes you say “wow” once a month


We’d love to hear what your goals for 2014 are. Share your resolution with the geocaching community in comments below.

  • newsboy 5331

    We’ve been caching for nearly two years and wish we had discovered this wonderful hobby sooner. Our resolution for this year is to fill in as much of our geocaching calendar as we can. The drawback, of course, is that we have already done most of the caches in our immediate area so much travelling is likely if this goal is to be achieved. However, one day at a time and we’ve got off to a good start,despite the exceptionally wet weather the U.K. is experiencing at the moment. We hope to be well on the way by the end of 2014.

  • Mike Ott

    All seem like worth and acheivable goals

  • tentha

    My goal is to put out more ‘aha’ caches. It’s rewarding to share those ‘aha’ comments with fellow cachers that log them.

  • Kevin Greenstein

    my new years resolution is to fing 100 caches this year

  • Cavernario

    for 2015 http://coord.info/GC5G7BC
    1 of my goals for this year is to make it to my first MEGA Event and be well enough to attend and enjoy it!
    What will be the Mega?

    El Evento: María de Huerva 2015

  • Kevin Greenstein

    2014 and beyond geocaches are my thing