Announcing the 2014 CITO Weekend and Souvenir

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Get ready for a classic win-win situation from the geocaching playbook: lend a hand to improve the geocaching game board (a local park, trail, or geocaching-friendly location) and earn the 2014 CITO souvenir. It’s easy and rewarding.

It all happens during the 2014 CITO Weekend on April 26 and 27. Everyone who logs an “Attended” at a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) Event earns this year’s CITO souvenir for their Geocaching profile. So start planning your event now!

During a CITO Event, geocachers search parks, trails and forests to earn a smiley—but they’re not looking for geocaches. They’re clearing litter and trash from geocaching-friendly areas around the world. On CITO weekend, thousands of geocachers will walk away from their events with bags of trash and a sense of pride. They’re preserving the natural beauty of our world. It’s often more than litter clean up. Some CITO events remove invasive species, plant trees or build trails.

Join the geocaching community movement. CITO events are held all year long, but you’ll have plenty of events to choose from on April 26 and 27.  Last year, over 13,000 geocachers from more than 30 countries combined in the annual worldwide environmental effort, which is tied closely with Earth Day.

Share this CITO video, create a CITO event near you and gear up with CITO trash bags, trackables and more at Shop Geocaching. See you in April for the 2014 CITO Weekend!


  • Dominic GrosseFamille

    Again this year I must ask.. can April 22nd, official Earth Day, be included to get the souvenir? There is a special CITO planned on that day. http://coord.info/GC4XEDT

    Thank you for considering it.

  • c2icGeocaching

    Nice news ! I hope we can organize a CITO by home!

  • paolo

    one will be held for sure in Italy!

  • Sabine Innerhofer

    i think there will be more than 1 🙂

  • brian_lang

    OK. I logged an Attended on a CITO on April 27, but do not have the souvenir. How do I get it?

  • Jim Miner

    I picked up some trash at a park. And I don’t need your lousy badge! Hurumph!

    Working nights can make one antisocial…

  • seiza

    So we are also joined in the perfect event http://coord.info/GC51574 Greetings from Czech Republic.