Celebrate 10 Years of EarthCaching! — Table Rock EarthCache (GCMH1C) — Geocache of the Week

Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. Photo by geocacher Desert Varnish
Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. Photo by geocachers OddballCachers

Geocache Name:

Table Rock EarthCache (GCMH1C)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of EarthCaching—that’s a decade of not only earning a smiley, but also learning more about the bubbling, rock shattering, and often hidden geological processes that shape our Earth. If you feel like celebrating, pay a visit to one of the most favorited EarthCaches in the world (this is the most favorited). Here geocachers will learn how glaciers and erosion formed these magnificent waterfalls known as Niagara falls. One tip: make sure to bring a rain jacket or poncho; otherwise you’ll get soaked from the spray coming off the falls. Consider the soaking a very wet souvenir.

# of Finds:


# of Favorite Points:


What the geocache owner, Team Tigger International, has to say:

“Firstly Niagara Falls is my favorite place it’s so beautiful and powerful.  We really enjoy Earthcaching because it can be really fun and scientific , plus you get to learn something you may not have known about our Earth. As we visit the beautiful Table Rock area on a regular basis , and find it absolutely fascinating , we thought it was the perfect place to place an earthcache.”

“We really enjoy seeing all the logs on this cache it is one of our most popular that we have placed. We especially love to see all the pictures of this beautiful area.”

What geocachers are saying:

“We spent a great day at Niagara Falls with perfect weather. This is just an absolute amazing place. It was so exciting to see the enormous power of the water running down the falls.” – Orpheos

“Snagged this earth cache on our whim to go to Niagara Falls. So glad we did it – awesome vacation and awesome sights! Ontario was great and everyone was very friendly. TFTC” – tigervhaga

“Thank you for bringing us to this area. The information was very interesting and I’m not sure we would have stumbled upon it by ourselves.” – CeeeKer

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The falls are even beautiful at night. Photo by geocacher Chod
The falls are even beautiful at night. Photo by geocacher Chod
Happy geocachers making the find! Photo by Team OSS
Happy geocachers making the find! Photo by Team OSS
Another beautiful shot of the falls. Photo by geocacher Desert Varnish
Another beautiful shot of the falls. Photo by geocacher Desert Varnish

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  • PathfinderMark

    Visited this cache in 2011 after the Mega Event in the USA. Great Earthcache….

  • PathfinderMark

    Recommended Cache of the week:

    http://coord.info/GC44RDE – The Key is the Key. This is a challenging Rest Area Cache, not because it is hard to find but because it takes a special wherewithall to discover how to get IN and SIGN the log!

    348 finds, 222 favorite points (67% of premium logs). D/T: 3.5/1.5

    From the Cache Description:

    “This cache is VERY EASY to find. Your challenge will be to figure out how to open the cache. No tools of any sort will be required. No screwdrivers, no batteries, no flashlights, NOTHING that the cache doesn’t give you is required. This cache was tested by lots and lots of cachers at a recent MML kickoff event, they all would tell you, nothing needs to be forced. Cache takes a very light touch.

    The key required to solve this cache is provided. Pull it out carefully, please pull straight down to prevent damaging the attached cord. I suggest pulling out a couple feet. It is on a retractable reel. Please return it where you found it when you are finished. IF the key is missing, please leave me a log note. You will not be able to open this cache without the key.

    Hint : How do I find the combination to open this cache? The best hint is the cache title. The Key is the Key. Think about the key!!! Ask yourself lots of questions about the key. Some examples – What can I do with this key, what are the properties of this key, what kind of key is this, what is this key made of, what color is this key, how can I use this key to find that combination??? Keep asking, yourself questions! Remember, the key to this cache is the key.”

  • Alex Williams

    This is absolutely amazing… The name of the cache is “Skin Crawl” GC3VGRZ and video of it can be seen here:

    The cachers in my area are so luck to have so many amazing hides in this area. This one deserves a cache of the week at minimum! It has 41 total finds w/31 favorite points awarded and a 97% favorite/premium logs ratio. Check out the cache and the video and you’ll see that it is indeed worthy!

  • ivorbilledbirder

    Well, I know of this one geocache in Dover, Delaware- the iCache (GC4AJ5H). These days, iMac G4 monitor screens are made into anything… in this case, a geocache. It’s fairly easy to find, just off in the woods a bit. The screen has the geocaching logo on it, and a lock-n-lock underneath.