Geocaching Travel Bug “WeeHawk” Predicts Football’s Biggest Game?

Weehawk sits just a few miles from Met Life Stadium
Weehawk sits just a few miles from Met Life Stadium

UPDATE 2/5/2014: Geocaching Travel bug Weehawk made it to the MetLife Stadium to witness the Seahawks win the 2014 Super Bowl. Geocacher and Seahawks fan Bogey53 picked up the smallest 12th man and took it along to celebrate the first SuperBowl win for Seattle’s football team. Here is the proof:

Geocaching Travel Bug at the MetLife Stadium during the Super Bowl XLVIII.
Geocaching Travel Bug at the MetLife Stadium during the Super Bowl XLVIII.

A Geocaching Travel Bug might just be the key to winning it all for a major sports team. Skeptical? Don’t try telling Swanny6416 their fiery little world traveler didn’t help propel the Seattle Seahawks to football’s biggest game. The family of four die-hard Seahawks fans launched Weehawk in August. The Travel Bug’s mission was simple.

Swanny6416, or Shawn and Criselda as their non-geocaching friends know them, say, “On August 17, 2013, we sent Weehawk on his journey to Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. He was placed in a cache location in Federal Way (near Seattle) in hopes of eventually finding his way to the big game where he would meet the team. We had high hopes that Weehawk would work his way across the country but figured it would be a long shot, at best, for him to make it through hostile territory since a lot of “enemy” NFL team fans live between us and New York.”

Geocachers will move Travel Bugs from geocache to geocache closer to it’s goal.

Weehawk traveled as far as Indonesia before returning its mission to make it to the big game
Weehawk traveled as far as Indonesia before returning its mission to make it to the big game

But as the Seattle Seahawks won football game after football game, their small Travel Bug mascot named Weehawk drifted farther and farther from New York.

The geocachers say, “On December 27th, Weehawk was picked up in Hawaii and the following message was sent: ‘Well, I guess the little one had his vacation in Hawaii — quite far from its goal. Luckily, I am in a position to help it along towards its destination, with however quite a big detour…’ Even though the odds of Weehawk returning to New York were seemingly insurmountable, we had every expectation that he would succeed, just like our beloved Seattle Seahawks journey through the playoffs.”

Weehawk abroad in a faraway geocache
Weehawk abroad in a faraway geocache in Indonesia

Fate, in the form of motivated geocachers, would intervene. Weehawk was now far, far, and yet another “far” away from New York. The Travel Bug wondered to Indonesia to begin 2014. But the geocachers who launched Weehawk, believe the Travel Bug would be crucial in helping to the Seahawks make it to New York for the big game.

The Travel Bug was taken from a geocache in Indonesia by a geocacher. Weehawk landed in a New York geocache just miles from Met Life Stadium, where football’s biggest game will be played this Sunday.

Shawn and Criselda say, “He was then taken to New York City on January 19th and dropped off a mere 15.8 miles from Met Life Stadium! This was the same day that the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers for the right to go to the big game!” Coincidence? The Swanny6416’s don’t think so either.

Weehawk lives here
New York geocache site. Weehawk lives here

But it’s not close enough. They say, “Weehawk is waiting for a [Seattle Seahawk’s fan] to pick him up and take him to the game. He is currently at Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY hiding near some granite pillars that were to be used in the construction of Grand Central Station!  We’re hoping by sharing our story with you, you can share our story, and maybe another fan can get him to the game.”

So many questions. Will Weekhawk’s appearance at the game ensure a Seattle Seahawks win? Are you going to the game? Will you make this Travel Bug’s dream come true?  Answer them all in comments below.

Still want more? Watch the TV news story about Weehawk’s adventure.



  • Rick Lee Watts

    I am the first geocacher to pick up this Travel Bug. I picked him up after attending the 2013 Block Party and Going APE Event. I have enjoyed watching his journey to the Super Bowl. Go WeeHawk!
    biblemanrick Wise, VA

  • chiptheduck

    Er. Football’s biggest game is the FA Cup Final and it takes place at Wembley, outskirts of London.

  • Alex Z

    Oh, you mean that little match that was watched by less than 10 million people, compared to the 100+ million people who watched the Super Bowl?