How to Spell Geocaching “Inspiration”

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You won’t find GOTW and GOTM in any “normal” dictionary, just like your won’t find TFTC or BYOP. But we geocachers speak our own language of adventure. GOTW and GOTM are what you need to stay on top of the latest hiding and finding trends and to see the adventurers who are shaping our growing geocaching community. GOTW and GOTM stand for “Geocache of the Week” and the “Geocacher of the Month.”

Every Thursday, Geocaching HQ selects a much-loved and creative geocache from the 2.2 million active geocaches hidden around the globe. It’s then featured on The Geocaching Blog. The Geocache of the Week is a great way to explore the world and discover new potential geocaching adventures. It’s also an inspirational resource for geocache makers to discover new ways to hide a clever geocache.

Once a month, the worldwide community also meets three amazing geocachers. They’re nominated by their friends or family to be the featured Geocacher of the Month. You help select the outstanding geocacher who receives the award. Each nominee walks away with worldwide recognition and a prize package from Geocaching HQ.

Now it’s your turn. To nominate an outstanding geocaching hide for Geocache of the Week, leave a comment on the latest Geocache of the Week blog post. Find details here on how to nominate the next Geocacher of the Month.

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