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Welcome to I <3 Geocaching. Premium Members can experiment with one Lab Cache during this test.




What is I <3 Geocaching? For the month of February every Premium Member will be able to hide one personalized, temporary geocache for one person. Once the geocache is found and logged by one account it is automatically archived. Choose your personal geocaching adventure, and its recipient wisely…check out this blog post for ideas.
What is a Lab Cache? Lab Cache is an experimental and extremely rare geocache type. These geocaches are a way for us to innovate and test new ideas to make geocaching even better. By creating and finding a Lab Cache, you’re helping shape the future of geocaching.
Does my I <3 Geocaching personal Lab Cache have to involve a container? Are there other limitations (multis, etc.)? Not necessarily, and are you ready for this? Your personal geocache can even be indoors, even in your house! The person you share this geocache with will need to discover a code to unlock the find. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this video.
Will a geocaching community volunteer be reviewing my geocache before it’s published? Your personal geocache, is just that, personal. A community volunteer will not be reviewing your personal geocache. Continue to follow all laws, local regulations and just common sense when placing your personal geocache.
How do I preview my personal geocache creation? By visiting the link generated at the end of the building process you can view the geocache as your friend will see it. Be careful not to test the Find Code with any account but the one you used to build the cache since these Lab Caches can only be found once.
How do I share this personal geocache with my intended friend? Simply copy the link generated at the end of the personal geocaching building process… and share it with your player.
Do I earn a smiley if complete a Lab Cache? Yes – when you find a Lab Cache you earn a find and smiley. Congratulations.
Does a Lab Cache effect the statistics on my Geocaching profile page? The short answer is, “It will in the future.” The current statistics system does not support Lab Cache finds, but it will in the future. We’ll keep you posted. For even more information check out our Help Center.
Does my hide count go up if I create a I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache? Not yet. In the future, we’re planning to roll Lab Caches into your hide count at the same time we reflect Lab Cache activity on your statistics profile.
Who can view the Lab Cache I create? Anyone who knows the URL address of your Lab Cache can see it, so be careful who you share it with!
I want others to play the geocache I created, how do I share it with them? I <3 Geocaching is meant for one special person. This is a free test of a potential new feature. You may be able to create personal geocaches in the future in a very similar way.
My personal geocache was accidently logged by (a tester, another friend, an alien) how do I reset it? Unfortunately there’s no way to reset your hide. Once the find code has been entered by another geocacher, it is automatically archived.
If I become a Premium Member during the month of February will I be able to create one for a friend? Yes
How do I share my story of the awesome hide/find? Join the discussion on our inspiration blog post or join us on Facebook.
Why can only 1 person log my Lab Cache? I <3 Geocaching is a test, and as a test, we’re limiting the scope. So take your time creating and playing. You have until the end of February to complete an I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache.


Interested in even more information about I <3 Geocaching check out an expanded FAQ on our Help Center.

Ready for some I <3 Geocaching inspiration? Check out this blog post and share your ideas for an amazing I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache.

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  • Deety

    Love the idea, but I hope they fix the grammar and spelling errors before they publish this in the newsletter!

  • geo ninjas

    if i hide one in Feb. will it still be active until its found, even if it takes a few months?

  • dudenblt

    Interesting idea, if the finder gets a lab icon, what does the hider get? What if nobody invites the hider to find a lab cache? If this is meant for caching “couples” for Valentine’s day… What if the “couple” uses one caching account? A hider can’t be a finder so that kinda sucks. This needs some refining.

  • More info revealed on Feb 3!

  • Andi Beyer

    Can’t wait to hear the details. We are ready to Spread the Love. We even have a cute idea brewing in our lab.

  • The Waysiders
  • Okay… more is revealed! Take a look above, click through to all the links and let me know if you have a question.

  • Ericles

    Do you have to be a premium member to log the lab cache? I’m the only premium member in my family but have some fun ideas. 🙂

  • Eddie Robinson

    Are the I <3 Geocaching lab caches created on the normal cache listing form, at what point do you select it to be a lab cache

  • andre

    02/03/2014 is more than half over now in europe. So how can I create a lab cache? I tried signing in with my gc-accout at https://labbuilder.geocaching.com/ but that didn’t work

  • Eddie,
    Lab Caches can only be created by Geocaching HQ as an experiment. But that experiment may result in new geocache types you can create. Let us know what you think of this latest Lab Cache test.

  • Jeremy Irish

    The geocache will be created using a special form – not the normal cache listing form. Once it launches you will receive instructions on how to create it.

  • Jeremy Irish

    You only need to be a Premium Member to create one. Anyone can log it. Have fun!

  • NeverSummer

    It says how long we have to place this lab cache, but how long does our “target” have to find/log it?

  • claire

    “If this is meant for caching “couples” for Valentine’s day… What if the “couple” uses one caching account?” I was wondering the same. Any solution?

  • Good question… they have until the end of the February. When you create the I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache, the player will see the days and hours remaining until the geocache is locked.

  • CaptainObvious78

    Someone told me that we aren’t getting the lab icon for hiding or finding. Is that true?

  • Striza

    -Geocaches are placed for the long term.
    Cachers will expect your cache to remain in place for a realistic and extended period of time. Therefore, caches that have the goal to move (traveling caches), or temporary caches (caches hidden for less than 3 months or for one-time events) will not be published.

  • TMM

    Fun, we just made a cache and sent the link to our friends. Can we make more than 1 I<3 cache? If so, how? We went back to make another and it just changed the first one we made. Thanks!

  • Melzer

    Like dudenblt and Claire, I’m wondering about “If this is meant for caching “couples” for Valentine’s day… What if the “couple” uses one caching account? ” You don’t think this will result in many “ghost account” created just for that “found” and never use after?

  • Jeremy Irish

    When you find one of these geocaches your find count is added by 1 today (and you get the icon). As the hider your hide count does not increase, but we do plan to add it in the future (and it will be retroactive).

  • Jeremy Irish

    Once the cache is found once it can’t be found again, even if you change the information. The idea for this test is to send the cache to one person (or at least one finder). So if you sent the link to your friends, the first person to enter the find code gets the find.

  • Jeremy Irish

    This is true for the public geocaches that you search for on Geocaching.com, but does not apply for this test.

  • Jeremy Irish

    Since this is a test we don’t quite know every situation and how this might be solved, but we’re here to learn.

    For this test we treat each account as having one owner since we don’t have a way to determine whether it is a team or an individual account (though we do know that some couples share accounts). I don’t think it is a real issue if either of you decide to create your own individual accounts and use them rarely.

    My wife and I have separate accounts since we don’t always cache together and there’s a bit of a friendly rivalry that happens as a result. You don’t have to do it this way if you don’t want to, of course. There’s nothing wrong with sharing an account (except for the occasional challenges like this test).

  • C&C

    I just found my first Lab Cache! I really enjoyed the new cache type. My total find count increased by 1, however, nothing on my Statistics page increased. So now there’s a discrepancy between my total finds, and all the rest of my stats. Any plans on rectifying that?

  • TMM

    Thanks Jeremy, so our next question is can we create more than one lab I<3 cache?

  • Humanaut

    As an old served IT guy I would like to recommend to keep lab stats completly separate from normal stats. At least till you are 100% sure how lab stats will appear in overall stats.
    I think, we should avoid the risk, that easy creation of lab caches may virtually pump up stats on the hider and finder side below public radar.

  • JoxM

    This has nothing to do with geocaching anymore. It just blows up statistics. If you want to do something useful bring back webcam and virtual caches. This kind of cache will mostly be nothing different than a virtual but just for one person. I prefer sending greetings via facebook or better sending a postcard or a bunch of flowers…

  • Nik Suter

    I want to place this cache for my girlfriend on valentine’s day, but we use the same account. does it work?

  • Julija Chernogorceva

    A question regarding shared accounts: can one account be the hider and afterwards also the finder?

  • sunny

    Dont worry, this thing will end up like the challenges…hopefully…

  • Tim Thomas

    Easy creation of lab caches won’t happen, or at least will be minimized, because people can only create one lab cache for this current lab promotion. If it was unlimited, then I would agree that would potentially be a problem.

  • Tim Thomas

    From what I’ve read, no. You can only test your lab cache as the owner. You can’t “find” it.

  • Tim Thomas

    I believe it’s been stated that you can only create one.

  • Yoshi TheMad

    Can I create many cache Lab ? Other only One cache Lab during February ?
    Thank you for our answer.

  • Grandpa10

    Trying to view this website on my iPad but “Subscription” block on right side covers up part of the question/answer block. Is there another place that describes lab caches? Thanks

  • cezanne

    Why does the description field of the special form only allow for 1000 characters (even normal logs can be up to 4000 characters long)? Why there are no online logs?

    Is this going to be the future of geocaching? I’m aware of the experimental character, but I cannot believe that offering more space for the description field would make the experiment more complicated.

  • guest

    I hate it already.

  • Guest


  • Jeremy Irish

    Your account can only create one lab cache and only one account can find it.

  • Jeremy Irish

    We’re committed to keeping lab cache finds as part of an account’s overall stats regardless of the outcome. As you can see by the test we are very careful to create scarcity during the experiment so your stats don’t become overinflated by the experiment.

  • Jeremy Irish

    Yes. In the above FAQ we explain that it will eventually be part of your overall statistics.

  • Jeremy Irish

    For I <3 Geocaching you can only create 1 lab cache. If this is popular we may support the creation of more of these in the future.

  • Jeremy Irish

    This test is not part of the Geocaching.com infrastructure so many features for Geocaching Labs do not mirror Geocaching.com, such as online logs and field lengths.

  • Bill_from_TokioHotel

    will place one on Valentine’s Day for my boyfriend !!

  • Bill_from_TokioHotel

    many cachers want webcams and virtuals back — what is so difficult about bringing them back?

  • Yoshi TheMad

    Thank you for the answer ! 😀

  • Trevor Lane

    My wife and I share the same Geo account (it’s a family account). If I create the Lab cache with our account, can she find it with our account?

  • Trevor Lane

    Nevermind. It seems I can’t make this with our shared account and have my wife find it with our account. Does Groundspeak expect me to register a NEW PREMIUM account just for one cache? Do they not realize A LOT of families share one account? Sheesh..good idea, bad execution.