New Years Resolutions for…Your Travel Bug®

The beginning of each year is traditionally the time to set new goals. Some might want to shed a few extra pounds, or make more time for family and friends.

As a geocacher, you can set very specific goals to up your geocaching game in 2014. You might want to tackle a D5/T5 or finally find this tricky geocache that you just cannot spot. You maybe want to host your first CITO-Event (Cash in Trash Out) or hide a creative geocache.

Rick Mastracchio and the Travel Bug in Space.
Rick Mastracchio and the Travel Bug in Space.

This January might be the time to take new year resolutions a step further, look at your trackable items and see what goals they have! If you have neglected your Travel Bugs and Geocoins for a while, we want to inspire you to take another look and maybe do some trackable goal Spring cleaning.

Not every trackable can make it to the International Space Station, but most of them can certainly have a exciting journey and touch the lives of many geocachers.

Take Zoey, a trackable from the Netherlands, for example: Zoey’s goal is to meet many geocachers in the Netherlands and spend a day or two in their homes to get to know them better. Since 2009 Zoey has met many geocachers who have documented his visit in almost 700 pictures posted on the trackable details page.

If you wonder, how you can choose a successful trackable mission, have a look at our 3 best tips:

  1. The goal should be achievable. Have your trackable do something, that is fairly easy to attain. You can always edit its mission and kick it up a notch, if the goal has been reached.

  2. The goal you choose should engage other geocachers. Asking the geocacher to take a picture of the trackable* on its journey for example, can turn the trackable details page into a photo album.

  3. The goal should be size-appropriate. A large hitch-hiker such as Zoey could never fit into a small geocache container, so the goal to travel from geocacher to geocacher, rather than geocache to geocache was a smart choice. A smaller Travel Bug or Geocoin on the other hand would have less problems to travel from geocache to geocache.

*Never post a picture with a visible  tracking number online!

Zoey spends a fun day at the beach.
Trackable Zoey is spending a fun day at the beach.

Have fun finding a goal that is meaningful for you and makes you happy and send off your trackable into the world! If you are a bit rusty on the details, here are 3 Tips to help keep Travel Bugs on the Road.

What is the most exciting goal for a trackable, you came across? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • c2icGeocaching

    J’adore découvrir de nouveaux objets voyageurs, surtout quand leurs icônes sont un peu spéciale !

    Le dernier que j’ai lancé dans le jeu est Foog, le geOurs (http://coord.info/TB5VB54) qui veux faire le tour du monde en 80 jours en suivant le parcours de Filéas Foog ! Aujourd’hui il est en approche près de Londres et le compte à rebours débutera dès qu’il aura rejoint Londres !

    I love discovering new travelers objects, especially when their icons are a bit special!

    The last one I threw in the game is FOOG the GEOURS (http://coord.info/TB5VB54) who want to tour the world in 80 days following the route of Fileas FOOG! Today it is approaching near London and the countdown begins once it joins London!

  • Ralloh

    Unfortunately the first one I put out there was picked up by a new geocacher who was simply too dumb to know what to do with it. He wrote to me asking for instructions which I gave to him. After a period of time, and not seeing it logged, I wrote him back. He became huffy and used some very nasty words. As far as I know it has never been placed in another cache by this jerk and he only has three finds to his credit. I’ve written it off. I do have another new one out there though. Hopefully it goes better. I put a goal of it making it to Lake Elsinore, California, then anywhere it wants to go.

  • Bingley3683

    The best one I saw and moved was a heavy fishing sinker whose goal was to be dropped into the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the oceans. It had come from Netherlands (I think) and I took it from Victoria Australia to Western Australia, hoping it might get a lift to the Philippines. But I lost track of it after that – I wonder if it ever got there – must look it up….

  • m2k-la

    I think the Introduction App needs to explain a little better what TB’s, Coins Are. I’ve had several bugs that have been picked up by beginners and have disappeared. I mean it took me a while to understand what they were too, for example. I was introduced to geocaching.. enjoyed the one hunt I went on with a friends. Forgot about it, until I came across other cachers looking for some. So on vacation I downloaded the beginner app, found a huge display of coins, but didn’t have enough sense to write down the codes. I missed out on discovering 30 coins!!! I know better now.. That was 280 Finds Ago. 😉

  • Travel Wolf

    I now this TB and also the owner very wel 😉 She has also a picture at almost every tb she found and almost every cache!! TB Zoey is realy great!!! Greetings Travel Wolf, the Netherlands

  • emonty0001

    I had two disappear from their first caches! One person probably kept the first one from what I can determine. I have noticed several times, rude notes to the trackable owner that the item wasn’t there, like the owner would know?! I also found one that had been missing several years and put it back into circulation, but it is missing again. I would never put anything really good out there, too many people are not honorable, and the game is ruined.

  • Walking Spirit (Zoeys owner)

    What a Nice surprise to see my own TB Zoey here! He’s about to start his 5th year to be a guest at geocachers homes. I really enjoy to read about his adventures and see the photos. People really do their best to make him feel comfortable and have fun. He’s been to several schools; on a schooltrip; barbeque party; dance lessons; gymnastics; at wonderful street art; watching tv; meeting fishes; judo competition; camping; meeting police and fire man; meeting the Dutch Santa Claus; halloween party; shopping; birthdayparty and so on. People even take him to the vet for a health check and to the shrink when he’s feeling down! And ofcourse they also take him caching.
    After all these years I’m still surprised geocachers can still find new adventures for him.
    I enjoy his adventures so much and Zoey is well known in The Netherlands among geocachers.
    So nice his story “crossed the border” .:-D

    Ps: sorry. As Zoey stays in The Netherlands, all logs are in Dutch.

  • walking spirit

    That sound like a great TB. I live in The Netherlands and I’m always looking for big and special TB’s ( shark Zoey who’s mentioned in The article on this page, is my TB), but I don’t know this TB you’re talking about. Do you remember the name of it?

  • Bingley3683

    It was World’s Deepest (TB33FP6) – hasnt been seen for 2 years, was in a cache at Perth WA. I tried to chase up the probable taker, but no luck. It was from Germany….

  • walking spirit

    Ah, so not from The Netherlands. That’s why I didn’t know it.
    Pity it’s a missing TB now. Maybe someone dropped it in an ocean which was deeper than expected.