New Years Resolutions for…Your Travel Bug®

The beginning of each year is traditionally the time to set new goals. Some might want to shed a few extra pounds, or make more time for family and friends.

As a geocacher, you can set very specific goals to up your geocaching game in 2014. You might want to tackle a D5/T5 or finally find this tricky geocache that you just cannot spot. You maybe want to host your first CITO-Event (Cash in Trash Out) or hide a creative geocache.

Rick Mastracchio and the Travel Bug in Space.
Rick Mastracchio and the Travel Bug in Space.

This January might be the time to take new year resolutions a step further, look at your trackable items and see what goals they have! If you have neglected your Travel Bugs and Geocoins for a while, we want to inspire you to take another look and maybe do some trackable goal Spring cleaning.

Not every trackable can make it to the International Space Station, but most of them can certainly have a exciting journey and touch the lives of many geocachers.

Take Zoey, a trackable from the Netherlands, for example: Zoey’s goal is to meet many geocachers in the Netherlands and spend a day or two in their homes to get to know them better. Since 2009 Zoey has met many geocachers who have documented his visit in almost 700 pictures posted on the trackable details page.

If you wonder, how you can choose a successful trackable mission, have a look at our 3 best tips:

  1. The goal should be achievable. Have your trackable do something, that is fairly easy to attain. You can always edit its mission and kick it up a notch, if the goal has been reached.

  2. The goal you choose should engage other geocachers. Asking the geocacher to take a picture of the trackable* on its journey for example, can turn the trackable details page into a photo album.

  3. The goal should be size-appropriate. A large hitch-hiker such as Zoey could never fit into a small geocache container, so the goal to travel from geocacher to geocacher, rather than geocache to geocache was a smart choice. A smaller Travel Bug or Geocoin on the other hand would have less problems to travel from geocache to geocache.

*Never post a picture with a visible  tracking number online!

Zoey spends a fun day at the beach.
Trackable Zoey is spending a fun day at the beach.

Have fun finding a goal that is meaningful for you and makes you happy and send off your trackable into the world! If you are a bit rusty on the details, here are 3 Tips to help keep Travel Bugs on the Road.

What is the most exciting goal for a trackable, you came across? Let us know in the comments below!
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