This hotel is full of bugs. — Travel Bug Plaza Hotel & Suites (GC3JQQ1) — Geocache of the Week

I think this qualifies as a Travel Bug Resort. Photo by geocacher CaptainObvious78
I think this qualifies as a Travel Bug Resort. Photo by geocacher CaptainObvious78

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Travel Bug Plaza Hotel & Suites (GC3JQQ1)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

I’ve seen quite a few Travel Bug hotels, but none have compared to this one. This is the sort of hotel I wouldn’t mind staying in—if I were a Travel Bug. There are quite a few things that make this hotel unique. To begin with, there are plenty of rooms. From large suites to efficiency rooms, there’s plenty of room for your trackable and all of its friends. And of course, no self-respecting hotel would be complete without a nice lobby to kick back and rest in. There’s even something for geocachers: the CacheMedics tour. This handy map will take geocachers on a nice journey through the area. So when you’re in Florida and in need of a place for your trackables to stay, there’s always room at this amazing hotel.

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What the geocache owners, CacheMedics, have to say:

Regarding the geocache inspiration: “One of our local geocaching friends challenged us to create a travel bug hotel…we thought it would be fun and interesting to make something that actually resembled a hotel.”

On construction: “…we hand-painted the scenes to give the appearance of the exterior of a hotel.  The lobby floor is real flooring tiles, the tiny chair-rail is real routered, stained, and lacquered wood trim, and the furniture items are securely glued in their places.”

Reactions to the logs and favorite points: “The comments are amazing and it just makes us feel great to know that people are enjoying our creation!  We appreciate and celebrate each and every favorite point our cache has received! …When we built this, we wanted it to be something unique but we never expected such wonderful reactions from so many visitors!”

And to the geocaching community: “…it’s okay to do something different, to think beyond pill bottles and tupperware and add some kind of twist that will surprise the people who find your cache.  We were nervous the first time we put out something different, thinking that the local geocachers wouldn’t like it, but we were happily surprised to find that they loved “different,” and wanted more! It doesn’t have to be something big and complicated, it can be silly or funny.  Bottom line:  Don’t be afraid to be yourself – Go for it!”

What geocachers are saying:

“The amount of creativity, ingenuity and effort you have put into your caches really shines through, and there is no doubt in our minds that you have brought a great many cachers an immense amount of pleasure…Thank you so much for providing us with such an enjoyable day of caching, and for giving so much to the geocaching community. The first cache of yours we did today was “What are you thankful for?” As we finish caching for the day here, we have to say, we are thankful that there are cachers like you, who are willing to put their all into creating awesome experiences for the rest of us!” – Zekester & Simon

“The amount of detail in the construction is amazing! TFTC!” – CPRTEAMSIX

“What tremendous amount of work went into making this cache. WOW! I’ve seen quite a few different cache types now – especially when I visited the Seattle area, but I haven’t seen a TB hotel like this!!! This should be called the travel bug RESORT!!!” – lilyfly

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A couple geocachers checking out the amenities. Photo by geocacher D&JC
A couple geocachers checking out the amenities. Photo by geocacher D&JC
Just lounging around in the lobby. Photo by geocacher Xensen
Just lounging around in the lobby. Photo by geocacher Xensen
Retiring to room 202. Photo by geocacher Xensen

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  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    This hotel is truly awesome! How wonderful to see so much creativity, imagination and attention to detail going into it 🙂
    Well done to the cache owners, and for rising to the challenge from their friends going above and Beyond the call of duty! 🙂

    Heather B aka Cache on Wheels
    Dorset, sounth England, UK

  • SPARKY Family

    So excited to see you feature one of CacheMedics’s AMAZING caches!!! They put so much time and work into their caches!! My family is blessed to live near them and always enjoy finding one of their creations! Make sure you check out more of their hides; you will be amazed!!!

  • Auntsis

    I love this cache! I know my Betty Boop TB would love to go there. I took her visiting to several caches in IL yesterday…who know where she will go next??

  • isaacjl

    My furthest trackable was my first one. I was 10 years old and me and my uncle put it in a cache in Twin Falls, ID. Someone grabbed it and took it to Nevada. They dropped it in a cache there and someone else took it out. Those people took it to the UK, And it went from cache to cache, and even visited an event. Then it was placed in a TB hotel. The cache owner took it out and took it to FLORIDA and back. Then it went all the way to japan.
    Someone grabbed it there and took it to Texas. It is there right now.

  • dragon flyer

    I released my first TB, Flyte of the dragon flyer, at Geowoodstock VIII, with a goal of visiting dragon related places in Asia. It travelled over 11,000 km, to Okinawa, where it was sadly lost when the cache it was in got muggled. But just this week a cacher is carrying a replacement TB to Asia, and I can’t wait to see what it gets up to!

  • Tallpines

    TB2GN02 — Tallpine’s Oink Geocoin was released in Nov, 2008.
    It started out its travels after being given to a fellow Cacher on his wedding day in Wisconsin, USA.
    Since then it has gone to Australia, several countries in Europe and currently is traveling in Canada.
    Total mileage to date is 29,353.2.

  • sumpteretc

    The farthest one of my trackables has traveled is 227,226 km. It’s been to the United States, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Israel, and Hungary.

  • IrmaRose Frazier

    My Percy the Penguin TB was placed in a cache in Downtown Pensacola, FL in June 2012 and has been to Australia and back, so he has gone over 29,500 miles so far! Now in California, I think RATFraz3!

  • simseb:-)

    We good the luck to stay near this area on our vacation. After reading this blog home in germany we knew what our first Florida cache will be. This one and all other CacheMedics hides we were able to find are sooo awesome!!!