Tips for the Four-Season Geocacher


The Weather Outside is Frightful but…

… geocaches don’t find themselves. It’s true. And we don’t want to live in a world where they actually do find themselves (didn’t you see the movie Terminator?). So the question is, how do you brave the winter (or summer if you’re in a sizzling hot climate) and still feed your need for smileys? We’ve got you covered.We talked to a geocacher with a streak of more than 700 straight days of finding a geocache. There’s been extreme heat, snowy whiteouts and pouring rain. Jon Stanley, better known as Moun10Bike, tells all about geocaching in tough winter climates in this blog post.


Learn winter tips like:

  • Look for geocaches with the “Available in Winter” attribute
  • Geocaches that are off the ground or otherwise protected from snow coverage offer the best chance for success
  • Dress warmly, be ready and willing to turn back if conditions turn against you

Here are tips for the other extreme: heat

 Wear proper sun protection, a hat, sunscreen, etc…
 Avoid being outside for long periods during the hottest part of the day
 Geocache in the early morning or after the sun goes down
 Stay hydrated
 Bring a friend and always tell someone where you’re geocaching (don’t have a 127 Hours situation)
 Mostly, use common sense: although geocaches don’t find themselves (thankfully), they’ll still be there the next day for you to find them safely
Geocaching mountain image
What’s your advice for maintaining your need for geocaching in all seasons? Leave a comment on the Geocaching Facebook page or in comments on The Geocaching Blog.