Visit the home of the hobbitses. — Hobbiton (Waikato) (GC1HCXK) — Geocache of the Week

The lovely shire. Photo by Rob Chandler (Rob & Jules)
The lovely shire. Photo by Rob Chandler (Rob & Jules)

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Hobbiton (Waikato) (GC1HCXK)

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If you think about it, maybe the one ring was actually a rare trackable and its goal was to make it to Mt. Doom. And Gollum was just an overzealous trackable collector. Alright, maybe that’s a stretch. Either way, you can pretend as you walk through the shire to find this geocache in New Zealand. After the Lord of the Ring movies were filmed here, the entire town transformed with hobbit-like architecture to welcome LOTR fans from around the world. In between first and second breakfast, you can pop on over to earn this smiley before exploring more of Middle Earth.

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What geocachers are saying:

“It is impressive how much love and enthusiasm the Kiwis invest in building sites, houses, places etc. to fit to the local sights or situations. This is one of the best examples. We booked the Hobbiton Tour in there, it was a great pleasure. The cache was easy to find and to catch (with a little bit of ‘cacher camo’).” – Team_BeAn

“Went on the tour which was totally awesome and when we came back later in the day we were able to find, retrieve, sign and replace without being in any photographs. Took 3 travel bugs and definitely needs a favourite. What a great boost for Matamata. Well done.” – 1066

“Were they muggles, or just overgrown hobbits but there were a lot of them about on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Once the coast was clear we soon found this cache very cunningly hidden. It was more of a challenge extracting it and signing the log without wanting to appear too obvious. TFTC.” – kiwilah

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Hobbit holes! Photo by geocacher Sinbadsfriends
Hobbit holes! Photo by geocacher Sinbadsfriends
A Hobbiton monument. Photo by geocacher quinella.
A Hobbiton monument. Photo by geocacher quinella.
Classic hobbit architecture. Photo by geocachers Team sissifalke
Classic hobbit architecture. Photo by geocachers Team sissifalke

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  • Gavin Treadgold

    Umm, you need to send the Roths back to get some up-to-date photos 🙂 The whole site has been completely redone, the hobbit holes are painted and decorated, there are gardens, and it is pretty much set up as it was in the movies! And the Green Dragon is an actual pub 🙂

  • Derek H

    You should post some new photos to the geocache’s page. We’d love to see them!

  • Quinella

    I agree with Gavin,
    the film set has been redeveloped since some of the early log photos were taken soon after the first film. See photos below of how this site has been rebuilt for the more recent movie productions.
    The cache location in town (NOT at film set) was also rebuilt to a more accurate look in 2012, although the original structure did have a basic hobbit theme when cache was first placed in 2008.