When a geocache is more like a theme park. — Dead Men Tell No Tales (GC46ZT4) — Geocache of the Week

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This geocache even has a trailer.

Geocache Name:

Dead Men Tell No Tales (GC46ZT4)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Some geocaches are great because of the container. Some are loved because of the location. Some geocaches get their favorite points for the adventure they provide. And some—like this one—combine all of those things together to create something that is almost unimaginably cool. This geocache includes head-scratching puzzles, epic T5 tree climbing and loads of adventure—all of which is completed at night. To top it off, everything is wrapped in a great pirate-themed storyline and is maintained by an incredibly dedicated team. While we can’t give away any spoilers, it’s safe to say this geocache is on another level. On Geocaching HQ’er had the opportunity to complete this geocache during a recent trip and couldn’t stop raving about the adventure. If you have the chance, set out to find Davey Jones’ heart!

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What the geocache creators, Capt. Kidd, Blackbeard and Henry Morgan, have to say:

Editor’s note: The geocache creators elected to stay anonymous and only use their pirate names. Their reasoning: “The cache is more important than us and should stand for itself.”

Regarding the inspiration: “I would say that some geocaches we found inspired us to build a cache of that size. Our main idea was to build a cache we would like to find. So we collected the best ideas for stages we saw and solved during our caching tours…The whole cache should be as balanced as possible. From fun to action to physical stages to tricky riddles…As you can see the whole cache is a pirate theme. So our main influence was of course the Disney attraction ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean.'”

Time and effort in this geocache: “I would like to say that planning the cache took us about a year. The whole budget is over 1000 EUR now as we have operating costs. It took us 4 month to build the stages, building and collecting props. And another 6 weeks to install everything in the woods…As we want to provide each team the exact same cache experience it is crucial that we check the whole cache one or two days before a team arrives.”

Regarding all of the positive logs: “I would lie if we are not happy to read those logs. Especially we are very happy that, in the first logs, people pick up the story that well and write their own pirate adventures.”

To the geocaching community: “People work hard to provide you an adventure or lifetime experience. Please handle everything you find with care! Think first! If you destroy a stage you destroy the experience for others…”

What geocachers are saying:

(all translated from German)

“In order to experience something great, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a theme park; you have a theme park right outside your front door.  Once again, thank you so much.” – water & sun

“See this great experience for yourself. There’s an eye-opening effect at every stage. Thank you to the owner for your efforts in this area and this cache.” – wanderhapf

“A beautiful story with me and my team through the night. There were great and imaginative stations I was able to admire and as a reward I was able to free the heart of Davy Jones! A great adventure and a good story were crafted in this treasure.” – Ritter Kunibert

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Just a little T5 caching in the middle of the night, NBD. Photo courtesy of Geocaching HQ'er Lebbetter
Just a little T5 caching in the middle of the night, NBD. Photo courtesy of DeepdiverBerlin


There it is! Davey Jones' heart! Photo courtesy of DeepdiverBerlin
There it is! Davey Jones’ heart! Photo courtesy of DeepdiverBerlin
This geocache brings out amazing creativity in logs. Photo by geocacher Logan Silver
This geocache brings out amazing creativity in logs. Photo by geocacher Logan Silver

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