Don’t let the cold keep you in! — Geta Hamn (GC2WH0F) — Geocache of the Week Winter Inspiration Edition

Ice skating to the geocache. Photo by geocacher Trang.

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Geta Hamn (GC2WH0F)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re in the depths of a cold winter and it can be hard to convince yourself to get out and find a few geocaches. We don’t blame you. Leaving the cozy warmth of your home is a hard thing to do. But maybe instead of thinking of all the things that hold us back during winter, we should think of the new opportunities it provides. In the case of this geocache, during cold winters, geocachers can lace up their ice skates and make the geocaching journey on top of the frozen waterways. Cold? Of course it is. Amazing and only available in winter? Definitely. Worth it? We think so. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself.

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What the geocache creator, Maxitupla, to say:

“I placed this geocache here because I wanted to show this place to other geocachers. This is close to my summerhouse and one of my favorite places. I love sitting here late in the evening a warm summer night and it is absolutely quiet…When I placed this cache I expected it to be mainly a “summer tourist cache”, a bit of the beaten path to draw any hordes of cachers. There were few local cachers at that time and wintertime not so many visitors. I didn’t expect that anyone would come ice skating here…I like reading the logs and know that geocachers from many countries also enjoy this place. Some of them had time to sit down for a while and some rushed on to the next cache…I hope more geocachers would share their favorite places with fellow cachers by placing a cache there. There is so many more beautiful places to be found.”

What geocachers are saying:

[translated from Swedish] “First time here! Beautiful place. Worth seeing! Thanks for the interesting cache Maxitulpa.” – deciface

“The view was beautiful, and we had it all to ourselves on this snowy Saturday. Finely done cache was soon logged, one more look around to enjoy the view and on with the trip. TFTC!” – mandello

[translated from Swedish] “After a fantastic ice skate on sea ice off [Dånö Island] we took the opportunity to sign this nicely hidden cache before we went on to the hotel in Mariehamn.” – Trang

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Views like this make Winter worth it. Photo by geocacher Trang
Views like this make Winter worth it. Photo by geocacher Trang
Earn your hot cocoa! Photo by geocacher Trang
Earn your hot cocoa! Photo by geocacher Trang
Nothing warms you up more than a skate and a find! Photo by geocacher Trang
Nothing warms you up more than a skate and a find! Photo by geocacher Trang

Ice skating, skiing, sledding—how do you geocache in winter? Post your stories and photos in the comments.


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  • Ralloh

    I’ll pass. There is something about walking on a few inches of frozen water over deep, ice cold water that just does not appeal to me.

  • waterloobob

    Don’t forget snowshoes. Some caches are better to get in the Winter – no bushwhacking, any water is likely frozen and… no mosquitoes!

  • BampaFarfar

    I would love to set up geocaches in our cross country ski area, unfortunately the reviewers in my area (Kelowna, BC, Canada) will not allow the caches. They have a problem with the fact that our club charges a day fee, this makes them think that we are a commercial cache. The club on the other hand will not allow catchers to ski for free on the groomed trails. Has anyone else hit this catch 22.

  • Niagara Cacher

    I would like to nominate GC4VGZA Thoth in the Begining for Geocache of the week. Merely look at the pictures and comments and you’ll see why this 5/5 is worth doing.

  • sumpteretc

    This does not seem like a catch 22. This seems very clearly like placing a commercial cache. I think your reviewers are doing exactly what they ought to be doing.

  • BampaFarfar

    From your comment I take it that you are another non-skier. Those that do fully expect to pay for the grooming. Free access is available in the off season.

  • sumpteretc

    You are correct that I am a non-skier, although that doesn’t seem to be relevant at all. The point is that geocaching guidelines say, “Cache listings perceived as commercial will not be published. A commercial cache listing has one or more of the following characteristics: 2. It suggests or requires that the finder go inside a business, interact with employees and/or purchase a product or service.” I think a day fee for a private club falls well within the bounds of purchasing a service.

  • BampaFarfar

    Yes As a non-skier you leap to the conclusion that ski clubs are private clubs. In fact in our province these clubs are nonprofit societies dedicated to promoting cross country skiing and other winter activities. The public is welcome and encouraged to come out to our area. All we ask is a day fee to cover the expense of grooming the trails. The public is also welcome to use our warming cabins and interact with the VOLUNTEERS who keep the place running. Our sight could easily support 14 or more winter access able caches.

  • sumpteretc

    Ah yes, your privately-owned (but open to anyone who is willing to pay you) area is clearly fair game for placing geocaches, not a commercial enterprise at all.

  • BampaFarfar

    Once again as a non cross country skier or snowshoer you have jumped to the conclusion that some private company owns something here. Unlike a downhill ski area or a golf club these cross country ski clubs don’t really own much of anything other than our grooming equipment. With the encouragement of the government We operate a recreational lease on crown land. The government wants to encourage recreation and fitness, we just want to ski. The geocaching guidelines should be changed to encourage not discourage non profits from taking part in caching. We have too many park and grabs that do nothing to encourage fitness.

  • Gudge & Pidge

    I’d like to nominate GCA68D for being Geocache of the Week. You just have to look at the location and you”l see why I want this to be Geocache of the Week! It’s at Stonehenge, a really amazing site to see!

  • hanbei

    Absolutely great journey!