High-class shopping in the middle of nowhere. — Prada, y’all! (GC1W1KC) — Geocache of the Week

Prada, Marfa. Photo by geocacher winini
Prada, Marfa. Photo by geocacher winini

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Prada, y’all! (GC1W1KC)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Rodeo Drive, Fifth Avenue…middle-of-nowhere, Texas? If you’re trying to figure out what these places all have in common, it’s something you would probably never expect: Prada. Yes, the luxury clothing brand you can see fancy people around the world wearing. There’s one thing different about this Prada store, though: it’s never open and it only has right-footed shoes. Just outside of Marfa, Texas, artists Elmgreen and Dragset collaborated with multiple people, including Miuccia Prada herself, to create this piece of installation art. While the shoes and handbags in the store are pretty, we think the smiley you earn for finding the nearby geocache is way cooler.

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What the geocache creators, The Stray Gatts, to say:

“We had just visited Marfa and were continuing west when we ran across this amazing, surreal place in the middle of the desert. We were stunned that there was not already a geocache there so we just snuck one in. We had no idea that it would become as popular as it is, but in retrospect it is such an unusual site that it makes sense. We’re honored by the positive reviews and favorites, but we are most happy that we have been able to help a few other people discover it. I’d love to give a huge shout out to the amazing geocache community: “Hey Geo-Brothers and Sisters… CACHE ON!!”

What geocachers are saying:

“This was my favorite cache of the whole trip. I love Prada and I love Marfa (it was my first visit) with it’s great stories, food and cute hotels. What a great idea, to put a cache here. I am sure we would have missed this if there was not a cache.” – Mrs_HiDude

“We just had to check this one out! Never would have believed this. Just another reason to get out and geocache. Thanks for putting a cache here.”  – DaveandDeb

“This was the highlight of the whole trip. The wife loved it! Found the cache quickly, then hung around to snap a few photos. What a riot! TFTC!” – HoustonControl

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When we said in the middle of nowhere, we weren't joking. Photo by geocacher HoustonControl
When we said in the middle of nowhere, we weren’t joking. Photo by geocacher HoustonControl
Two happy cachers scoping out some fashions and earning a smiley. Photo by geocacher TX1096
Two happy cachers scoping out some fashions and earning a smiley. Photo by geocacher TX1096
Those shoes and handbags are SO 2005. Photo by geocacher thenkengrene
Those shoes and handbags are SO 2005. Photo by geocacher thenkengrene

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  • Tim Stewart

    I think a great cache to be nominated for a geocache of the week would be “Welcome to Historic Brucemore” (GC4154J). Despite only being launched in May of 2013, it was the most favorited cache placed in Iowa for 2013 with 61 favorite points from 90% of the people who have done it.
    It is a true trip back through time at Iowa’s only Historic Trust site. The cache was done with the full cooperation of the Brucemore staff, including the placement of the cache stages, as well as a rewarding Pathtag upon completion of the cache, which Brucemore also purchased.

    Each stage has an important place in history on the grounds, which at the final cache, has a picture book that people can see how the location has changed over the years.
    This is truely a must do and see cache, as well as the opportunity to tour the Historic mansion afterwards!

  • Ernschdla

    commercial art

  • Bill_from_TokioHotel

    glad to see this location is still in place (I had heard a few months ago the state highway department was trying to get the structure removed).

  • crawfordcollins

    I watched a UFO type show about the Marfa Lights in Texas. Same Marfa?

  • Derek H

    The very same one!

  • Ummmmmm…. no

    @crawfordcollins:disqus it’s the same Marfa. But the cache (and the installation) is technically in Valentine, a few miles north of Marfa proper.

    Actually this cache was probably the second-most interesting place we never would have seen if it hadn’t been for the cache. The winner by far: Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Museum (GCB6A8) in suburban San Antonio.