Maker Madness: How to Register Your Event


Finding a great geocache can make for an awe-inspiring adventure, but those adventures do not magically appear on their own. They are concocted inside the brilliant mind of a Geocache Maker. This crazy thing we call geocaching would simply not exist without the people who channel their creativity and innovative spirit into making great experiences for others.

From March 28 – April 7, geocachers around the world will join together to celebrate the people in their community who make geocaching possible. We call this celebration Maker Madness.

We’re calling all Geocache Makers (and folks who want to celebrate their favorite Makers) to host events to celebrate geocache creation and to inspire the next generation of geocache makers. Anyone who logs an “Attended” at a registered Maker Madness event will earn a Maker Madness souvenir.

How to Register Your Event:

  1. Check out this blog post for ideas on how to host a magnificent Maker Madness event.

  2. Submit a geocaching event for publication. Make sure that it is clear in your event’s title and description that this event is part of the Maker Madness celebration. Events must be submitted at least 14 days prior to your event date. Late submissions will not be eligible for a souvenir. Events must take place between March 28 and April 7 to qualify for the souvenir.

  3. Wait for your event to be published by a geocaching community volunteer. It can take up to ten days for your event to be reviewed. Once that happens…

  4. Fill out this web form.

  5. Check out this bookmark list to see if your event has been successfully registered. It may take 3-5 days for your event to be added to this list. Note: Events that are not in the spirit of Maker Madness may not be eligible for this souvenir.

  6. Print out this official PDF completion certificate for guests who attend your Maker Madness event.

  7. Have a great time and then share photos and stories from your event with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and in the comments below!

Interested in attending an event? Check out this bookmark list to find Maker Madness events near you.

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • NeverSummer

    Homer, Alaska is in! And, GeocacheAlaska! members will be excited to hear about how to get more involved with educational events in their area!

  • Iwanttomakeamakermadnessevent

    I am thinking of holding an event, i would like it to be a maker madness event. It would be a BYO BBQ. It will also have a table set up where people can make their own cache container with instructions telling them how to do it. It might have a few games, i’m not sure yet though.

  • Anita Brown Nason

    I have an event already published for April 6. Can I turn it into a Maker Madness event?

  • Yes, if you adjust the theme to a Maker Madness theme and talk about great ideas for geocaches, pay homage to amazing hiders, or hold a class on building creative geocache containers (all 3?). Use the submission form once you’ve adjusted your theme. Thanks so much,

  • Team Goobie

    this is very cool!

  • Santa Barbara/Ventura/Ojai will be in!

  • Attila_G

    Sorry but the registration process for this kind of event is a JOKE!!
    => Note: Events that are not in the spirit of Maker Madness may not be eligible for this souvenir.

    In Switzerland we have 5 Maker Madness events listed so far. 3 of them don’t even have the words “Maker Madness” in the title or listing text. Nothing at all!! Why are the listings not checked before they get listed?

    I am trying to organize a great event. Showing nice cache boxes, ideas, listings and everything that makes a cache a real favorite. Even a reviewer will be there to answer questions. Others are just listing their events to get a souvenir! Pha… 🙁

  • mihcaoj

    What is wrong with my event? It says Maker Madness in the title and we’ll discuss how to make good geocache on the event? why is it not registered? http://coord.info/GC505RT

    I saw an other event that got published after me and now is registered. All the info was in finnish on that event, how do you know it’s in the spirit of Maker Madness?

    All I’m trying to do is making a great event and gather geocachers from the neighbourhood to share their Maker skills. They’re worth an souvenir!

  • CJ

    We’ve published our event in Moscow, Russia (http://coord.info/GC50TCH) and registered as it was supposed. Our event is for local cachers, our working language will be Russian, hence the description is in Russian too. I only translated the title. I wonder how our event will be evaluated as being “in the spirit of Maker Madness”? Do the organizers have anyone who can read Russian fluently enough to feel “the spirit”?

  • CJ

    Another question is “Would you be interested in sharing photos and stories from your event with Geocaching HQ?” Since our event is rather small and conducted indoors we don’t expect any valuable photos from it. Since our first language is not English we will hardly provide really interesting stories to be published along with other stories. Thus, I replied “No” in my form meaning that I cannot guarantee neither photos nor stories. Will our event be rejected to be in the “Maker Madness” series because of that?

  • Paige

    Looks like your event is on the list! Happy Maker Madness!

  • mihcaoj

    Yeah I’ve noticed, Thanks!

  • Steve ‘n’ Nancy

    Made this up for our “March Maker Madness !!!” Event (GC4ZE9F) held on March 29th. The Challenge was to find 10 different style Caches on this Post. Most Cachers could find 8 or 9, but all needed help finding that Final Hide.