Don’t look down! — Vertical Limit I: Die Brücke (GCZVW2) — Geocache of the Week

Gear up to get down—carefully. Photo by geocacher p-boro
Gear up to get down—carefully. Photo by geocacher p-boro

Geocache Name:

Vertical Limit I: Die Brücke (GCZVW2)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Between inviting forest trails, urban jaunts and neighborhood parks, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole other side to geocaching—the adrenaline-fueled adventure sport that only the skilled and brave take part in. This Geocache of the Week serves a gentle reminder of the exciting T5 and those that throw fear to the side to earn their smileys. If rappelling off of bridges isn’t necessarily your thing, that’s okay. T5’s take on many different shapes. For the seafaring, geocaching pirates, there are plenty of boat-in and scuba caches. For the forest dwellers, try a tree-climbing cache. And if you’re a rock climber (like the author), there are plenty of geocaches that can only be accessed via fifth-class terrain. There are tons of options. The only requirement for a T5 is that it must require special equipment to access.

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What the geocache owner, TUTANCHAMUN, has to say:

“Some years ago when I did with with a friend of mine some rock climbing and we thought about creating a special geocache. We never thought that this cache will exist such a long time and will get so popular.[…] I am pleased that Vertical Limit I is alive and I think it is accountable to let this cache stay, it is not so extremely dangerous. An important thing I want to say to the community: Enjoy geocaching in nature, search lovely places,  search funny and extraordinary caches but don’t hunt only for points along the road every 0.1 miles. Quality not Quantity!”

What geocachers are saying:

[All logs translated from German]

“A great geocache, there are far too few of this kind… :-)” – Chaosjan

“This was so worth it!  A fantastic adventure, that was a lot of fun for everyone.” – DaDieDose!

“This Bridge was on our bucket list for a long time and today it is finally happening. […] A really great location that literally screams for you to rappel down!” – Nuuskamuikkunen_01

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Multi-abseil! Photo by geocacher andine
Multi-abseil! Photo by geocacher andine
Found it! Photo by geocacher Evelyn&Andreas
Found it! Photo by geocacher Evelyn&Andreas
I hope you're not afraid of heights. Photo by geocacher ruby74
I hope you’re not afraid of heights. Photo by geocacher ruby74

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  • p.

    Haha, “far too few of this kind” ! Well, come to Bratislava, there’s far too much of this kind here. 🙁

  • ohbeep

    I can see why Germany has such a good reputation for Geocache hides