Geocache Makers Now Have Their Own Mark




The geocache Maker leads us into adventure and weaves a story where we write the next line with our log. Now geocache Makers have their own mark and mantra, “Go Forth & Create”. Celebrate and honor the geocache Maker who inspires and challenges you with a collection of Maker Madness supplies.

Check out Maker patches, shirts and creative geocache containers. Celebrate Makers in person and learn tips for creating a clever geocache at a Maker Madness event near you. Hundreds of Maker Madness events are already planned. Now Go Forth & Create.

Maker-Patch_180From March 28 – April 7, geocachers around the world will join together to celebrate the people in their community who make geocaching possible. We call this celebration Maker Madness.

  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    I think it’s great that you’ve created this to celebrate those who inspire us with great cache creations and hides 🙂
    It would certainly be great to see people share their ideas and encourage others at these events as you advertise them.

    A cpl questions I ask from my own thoughts and others are:

    1- Do event hosts demonstrate to you that their event will fit in with the true spirit of Maker Madness when applying for the official MM status for the official Groundspeak souvenir?

    2- do all types of events apply as long as they are in keeping with your idea of a MM event eg flash mobs? I think they should 🙂

    Some are concerned that the idea of the MM will be missed as some arrange events just for the souvenir.

    It will be great to see and hear the stories afterwards of makers behind the great caches as they come forward and share their enthusiasm with others 🙂 and hear of shy people becoming more confident through creativity 🙂

    I’m not well enough to organise one at the moment, but if I did, I would love to organise a Messy Madness workshop event where people bring along bits and bobs to have a hands on go at creating fun caches – especially good for children too.
    And photos of great caches they’ve found 🙂

  • JDubSr

    Sorry, my personal opinion is that with such short notice prior to events that take time to plan with such lackadaisical guidance plus after the Maker Madness was approved the GC Code had to be re-submitted to the Makers Madness Committee scanction before authorization is released.

    Answer: Plan a “Secong Chancce Makers Madness with dates for this Summrr around June 9-19, 2014 with an advanced warning of not less than 10 weeks.

    Let’s just “Play It Again, Sam.”

    Respectfully submitted,
    JW Kern. JDubSr
    U.S. Navy Retired (’71-’95)
    & Disabled American Veteran