Klaatu Barada Nikto! — Aliens Among Us (GC1N0B9) — Geocache of the Week

They've arrived! Photo by geocacher Moun10Bike
They’ve arrived! Photo by geocacher Moun10Bike

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Aliens Among Us (GC1N0B9)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Geocaching does more than just give us something to do. It gives us a way to explore and to meet new people. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is “the best things you’ll find while geocaching aren’t the geocaches, it’s the geocachers.” With about 7 million geocachers worldwide, there are plenty of adventurous folks just waiting to be your friend. However, it’s not always people you meet. When you seek out a geocache like Aliens Among Us, you’ll have the chance to make the acquaintance of a weary galactic traveler. He/she/it doesn’t say much, but if you search around the spaceship, you might just find a familiar sight: a trusty ammo can.

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What the geocache owner, followingamelia, has to say:

“I had whizzed past this location many times when heading west on I-90 and always noticed the alien waving to me from in front of his space ship.  Every time I passed I would think to myself, ‘That would be a great place for a cache.’ …I found the owner of the property and explained what geocaching was and asked if he would like to have a cache placed there.  He was all-in!  Thus, the alien became the guardian of my cache.  I am very happy that this cache has garnered so many “favorites” and I love the positive comments people leave.  This spot inspires many people to post pictures and I love seeing which amazing objects here draw cachers’ attention.  This whimsical place always makes people smile.

My message to the geocaching community is: If you are going to place a cache, take the time to make it a quality cache.  Choose a unique container (with a clever name), or an interesting location.  Make the cache large enough to be worth the effort to find it.  Create a cache YOU would enjoy finding.  I want everyone who finds one of my caches to walk away thinking ‘That was fun!'”

What geocachers are saying:

“Absolutely loved checking everything out, there are some really cool things to be seen in here. Much more than appears from the freeway, that’s for sure!  Alone with our thoughts, laughter and wandering feet, we ventured here and there inspecting as many sights as possible.  After having a conversation with the Alien in the ship of course.  TFTH!” – WrongWayMommy

“What can I say about this cache? We absolutely loved it!! I really wish we had more time to explore the area, but in the bit of time we did have, we had a lot of fun. Great cache, great area and lots of fun…. a favorite for sure!” – 2sunbeams

“Took a big group up for this cool geocache. The owners of the place came out to chat with us and were super nice. So much cool stuff to look at out there. The adults were a little stumped looking for his cache cause we were looking in the spaceship itself. The kids are the ones who actually found it. Had a great time all around.” – Superbob77

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Greetings Earthling. Photo by geocacher 2sunbeams
Greetings Earthling. Photo by geocacher 2sunbeams
He seems friendly enough. Photo by geocacher followingamelia
He seems friendly enough. Photo by geocacher followingamelia
Meet the alien, but watch out for nearby dinosaurs. Photo by geocacher followingamelia
Meet the alien, but watch out for nearby dinosaurs. Photo by geocacher followingamelia


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