Geocacher Honored for Historic DNF Stats

DNF’s Earns Geocacher Coveted Award


If this DNF Pride video you’re about to watch was located at a set of exact coordinates, and disguised in a geocache container, it’s unlikely the man being honored would ever discover it. This April 1, we honor a geocacher who sets a proud example for other adventurers to follow. It’s a simple, easy-to-follow, statement: DNF Pride. Chosen as a Geocacher of the Month, Dean F, logged more Did Not Finds than anyone in history. He further logged exactly zero finds. His partner, Eftie F, and their geocaching friends created a special event to honor Dean F’s accomplishment. Watch this new video to find out what happened next.

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  • Piston Smash

    And it’s a pure coincidence that this story appeared today of all days…

  • team Pugatch

    Great April Fools Joke hopefully those t shirts are for sale! I’ll buy one.

  • James Akehurst

    Best April fools trick of the day! It suprisingly had me fooled until I looked at the profile page.

  • Funcey Chesmuss

    Dean F? DNF?