Geocaching.com and Geocaching App Downtime on Tuesday, April 8

MailerImage_040714_Maintainence_vFINAL_mailerGeocaching.com and the Geocaching apps will be temporarily offline on April 8. We’re adding horsepower and beefing-up* Geocaching.com and our apps. They’ll both be much more stable after the upgrade. The site outage is expected to run about six hours starting at about 2pm PDT (convert to your local time here).

Yeah, you read that right. Apologies, six hours is a little bit of time right? So, during that time you have a two-part assignment, if you choose to accept it. Step 1: Load up your Pocket Queries and offline lists so you can still go geocaching. Step 2: Use that time to get inspired to “make” an amazing geocache. Check out this blog post with all you need to know.

*technical jargon

  • twoofnine

    Thanks for choosing to do this overnight 😉 but if any night caches are published in the Isle of Man can they be before 10 p.m.

  • Elaine Poe

    Are you going to restore the feature where a tweet can be posted upon the filing of a field note? That functionality, which I dearly loved, has been absent since August of 2012.

  • msmandi

    So excited to see some new changes.

  • Michael Franks

    About time you gave the Hamsters a little break!

  • The site will be faster and more secure than ever! This update has been two years in the planning. Wish us luck…

  • Edna

    What are the changes? So far it’s just been slower.