New Video: How to Hide a Geocache



Words, words, words, who needs them when you’re staring at a fresh-out-of-the-oven video about How to Hide a Geocache?Check out the new video from Geocaching HQ that’s full of easy-to-use ideas and tips for placing a well-loved geocache. The payoff for the maker (you?) of a cleverly hidden geocache comes from “Found it!” logs containing heaps of praise for the inspirational adventure and lifelong memories. Well done! Quick check: Still reading? Haven’t watched this video yet? Okay, here are some more words.

After the success of Geocaching Maker Madness, with nearly 1000 events around the world, Geocaching HQ wants to set you up for success with this new How to Hide a Geocache video. Need a little more inspiration? Check out this Geocaching blog post, with ideas to create a geocache that keeps people talking. Okay, and last chance, Watch. TheNewHiderVideo.  And then share your ideas for great hides on the Geocaching Facebook page.