Dive in and earn a smiley! – The Blue Hole – Half Moon Caye (GC2KFB8) — Geocache of the Week

A bird's eye view of the Great Blue Hole.
A bird’s eye view of the Great Blue Hole.

Geocache Name:

The Blue Hole – Half Moon Caye (GC2KFB8)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

After receiving a little more rain in Seattle, I couldn’t help but daydream of somewhere sunny, warm and tropical. I remembered a place I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving and decided to see if there was a geocache nearby—and of course, there was! The Great Blue Hole in Belize was once named one of the top 10 scuba diving sites in the world by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The Blue Hole was formed through thousands of years of geologic processes, including earthquakes and rises in sea level. The deep blue color comes from its depth: 480 feet (145 m). And now, in addition to enjoying the tropical paradise of Belize, you can also learn about the formation of this amazing geologic attraction while earning a smiley for this Earthcache.

What geocachers are saying:

“Awesome! This is my first EarthCache and my 5th cache of any kind. I was so thrilled to get one in such an out of the way spot!” – 1fish-2fish

“My husband had been waiting forever to dive the Blue Hole on our trip to Belize. How awesome to have a geocache too! We’ve done at least one cache in every country we’ve traveled to. This was the only one we could do since we were staying on the Turneffe atoll as opposed to the mainland. Thanks so much for placing it. One more EarthCache/new country to add to the list. ” – dadsgps

“Worked on this island for a tour company, so I know the area well. Got excited to see that there’s a smiley I can log because of my work! ;)” – tigerkity




Geocacher Luninia smiling after earning her 500th smiley at this Earthcache.
Geocacher Luninia smiling after earning her 500th smiley at this Earthcache.
If you aren't a diver, I guess you'll just have to hang out here. Bummer!  Photo by geocacher Free-bird
If you aren’t a diver, I guess you’ll just have to hang out here. Bummer! Photo by geocacher Free-bird
Exploring the Great Blue Hole from within. Photo by geocacher kinderarzt
Exploring the Great Blue Hole from within. Photo by geocacher kinderarzt

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  • Thomas

    I’d like to nominate:
    Bridges & Arches of Central Park
    GC17MX1 for Geocache of the week.
    This is by far the best Multi cache I have done and you will find that most would agree.
    This cache takes a full day to complete, two with stops at some of the other caches. This cache doesn’t just have you go after containers, it takes you through a gem that TV & movies do not do justice to in their partial of it. This cache takes you thoroughly through the entirety of Central Park. You have to walk or bike by every point of interest while exploring the interior of places there you might not go as a tourist. Addisonbr as he goes by, has put in a lot of work and thought into this cache. At the end of the cache each cacher is also rewarded with a non-trackable geocoin, designed and purchased by addisonbr for this cache which he has given 532 of. If you would like, he also will send you a trackable one if you donate to the Central Park Conservatory, again out of his own pocket.

    Dr.Evil! (Tom)

  • Merel

    Dear Derek H,

    May I suggest a geocache of the week ?
    In fact it’s more an event of the week …

    Last weekend we had a magnificent mega-event in Belgium in the region known as Flanders Fields. The event was called “The Great War” (GC4F9RK). This event commemorated the centennial of the first world war.

    People from all over the world joined us. We even expected Jeremy Irons but troubles with his passport prevented to join us.

    The day before the mega-event we had a very special meet and greet : “The Last Post” (GC4VDJ3). This is the cache-event I want to nominate. We gathered around 18:00 AM and started in a long, very long parade to the Menin Gate in Ypres ( Ieper ). More than 500 people ( maybe we can upgrade to ‘mega’ ? ) joined us on this walk on the remparts. Arrived at the monument, many more cachers were waiting, together with other organisations.

    The moving ceremony impressed everybody.
    In name of the international geocache community we laid down flowers.

    Please feel free to visit the event page on facebook to see the pictures ( of day 2 ) and the eventpage :  https://www.facebook.com/#!/TGW14 ;

    Let the comments speak for themselves ….
    The many caches that were created for this event will be sign of a past that changed history.

    Many greetings from Flanders Fields, where the poppies grow.

    Maarten Merlevede
    Aka as ‘Merel’