May the Geocacher of the Month Be With You: Comment Now

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin
The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin

Each month the global geocaching community meets three outstanding geocachers. Their task is to help decide which one will be known forevermore as a Geocacher of the Month. This month, we’re fittingly deciding the May Geocacher of the Month. So to the all the geocachers listed below… May the Geocacher of the Month be with you.

The geocachers showcased below lead by example—thousands and thousands of examples. While their find counts are superhuman, they’re more than personable to new geocachers, and more than amazing when it comes to geocache hides.

Each of the nominees below is an essential part of the global geocaching community and will receive a prize package from Geocaching HQ in Seattle, but only one will be the next Geocacher of the Month. A  panel from Geocaching HQ will use your comments, community input and other data to decide the winner.

Now it’s your turn to help us select the next Geocacher of the Month: write a supportive comment for the nominated geocacher you feel should be awarded the title.




meandmydogs2 - Nominee for Geocacher of the Month
meandmydogs2 – Nominee for Geocacher of the Month

Bandyrooster writes, “Kim, “meandmydogs”, is such an enthusiastic New Hampshire geocacher! She has been geocaching since 2005 and has 14,493 finds in 29 states and 2 countries. She has promoted geocaching by putting out or sponsoring 561 caches, 64 of them having been event caches. She runs the largest event in NH every year with the goal of making it a mega event this year. Her daily find rate is 4.49 for the almost 9 yrs she has been caching. She has found caches on each day of the calendar and one or more of each difficulty and terrain type. Her longest caching streak is 499 days with her longest non-caching streak only 17 days. The list of other challenges she has completed is too long to mention.
Kim is friendly and welcoming to every new cacher and has worked very hard to promote geocaching in New England. She is the backbone of caching in our state and everyone loves going along with Kim on a caching adventure! If anyone has a question about geocaching Kim is the go to person. Kim is so deserving of being cacher of the month!”




sadexploration - Nominee for Geocacher of the Month
sadexploration – Nominee for Geocacher of the Month


Sludge Bucket writes, “I would like to nominate Steve primarily for has work in starting the Church Micro series within the UK. This series is probably the largest series of geocaches in the world! There are currently over 5000 throughout the UK, giving much pleasure to the UK caching community. Church Micros are caches near Churches throughout the UK, from St Paul’s Cathedral in London to village churches in the wilds of the countryside. Steve has found over 15,000 caches and owns nearly 230. The quality of his caches is exceptional. Steve has been caching since August 2004. His series at Devil’s Dyke, Sussex in the UK has many favorite points. All in all I believe Steve is a worthy recipient of Geocacher of the month. I hope you think so too!”





Mr. Gadget #2

Mr Gadget 2 – Nominee for Geocacher of the Month

Barnabirdy(s) writes, “Mr. Gadget #2 has frequently been the inspiration and driving force behind Geocaching in his area. He has served as Chapter Representative several times and single handedly has drummed up the support and membership to keep our sometimes struggling Chapter alive.
His caching name fits him perfectly; he seems to possess every gadget applicable to Geocaching and is always ready to share his experience with other cachers, experienced as well as newbies.
From his first cache hide he quickly gained the reputation for creating original and challenging hides with a new slant on caching. Finding Mr. Gadget’s caches is not usually difficult, then the real trick is figuring out how to gain access to the contents.”



Comment below to tell us who you think should be the April Geocacher of the Month. Comments accepted through through June 27.

If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, simply fill out this webform.

  • Fig & Rem

    It’s got to be sadexploration, we love all his hand made
    caches and deserves all the Favourite points for them.

  • taz

    sadexploration gets my vote. We love the church micro caches 🙂

  • yorkie63

    My vote is with Steve Sadexploration. He had gone me hours and miles of fun caching with his series.

  • Jabawokee

    Sadexploration gets my vote. He always gets back to people with the CM numbers as soon as he can, that is apart form going caching himself, a VERY worthy contender for Geocacher of the Month

  • Emma Davey

    My vote is for Sadexploration. Besides being one of the nicest people you could meet, he has given us many hours of fun with his inventive and often mischievous caches. He is the man behind the Church Micro and my daughters favourite cacher!

  • tumbleweed2

    I vote for Mr. Gadget #2 as geocacher of the month. I “ditto” all that
    barnabirdys said about him and add that: Mr Gadget has been an
    inspiration for all cachers in WA, with his very creative and unique
    caches. He also is always at the CITO events, helping keep WA clean and
    helping reinforce the “Cachers care for the Environment” feelings. And
    he is always available to help with his own as well as other caches,
    giving you just the nudge you need to figure them out, but not spoil
    your sense of accomplishment in solving it on your own.

  • Michael

    I vote for Mr. Gadget #2 as well. He got us into geocaching. Thanks! 🙂

  • Rich Reynolds

    I also vote for Steve – sadexploration . Not only for the incredibly popular Church Micro series but for his other series which are excellent too. A very nice and helpful chap also.

  • Greg Smith

    Steve, sadexploration also. I’ve set many church micros now and they’ve proved very popular showing what a good idea the series is… he has to allocate and manage all the numbers and he is always quick to respond to the messages and enthusiastic. I’ve also enjoyed finding them and the fact the series has it’s own stats and challenges is really good. He’s brought a lot to geocaching in this country.

  • Sam Elliott

    Mr G2 gets my vote. His cashes alone should give him the nod. Nasty! The hours invested to Cashing are mind boggling. How many other cashiers would buy a couple of machine tools to make cashes. It is safe to say Gene is all in. And as a side note, happy 70th.

  • glasfory

    We vote for Steve, Sadexploration. He is such a helpful guy, really responsive and quick to reply to emails and he has encouraged so many people to both hide and hunt for church micros. Every church should have one and I think if Steve carries on the way he is, there probably will be. He adds another dimension to geocaching. Well done Steve for a worthy nomination and hopefully a winner!

  • perambulator57

    meandmydogs is what every cacher should strive to be, a person who enjoys caching and is more than willing to take people out to learn about geocaching how to find them. She puts on a lot of geo-events every year to have people come together to meet new cachers and renew friendships with others. She has hidden hundreds and hundreds of caches as well as finding thousands. So meandmydogs gets my vote.

  • Go-pher-It

    I strongly encourage y’all to support Mr. Gadget #2 for the Geocacher of the Month award. He has placed numerous geocaches that are very innovative and creative in the area. He frequently hosts events and has been the Cachecadian Chapter Representative for quite some time. He recently helped to teach and display about creative geocaches at the March Maker Madness event hosted by Groundspeak. He can also be found visiting with any cacher and encouraging them to set goals and continue in the fun and excitement of the caching experience. I vote for Mr. Gadget #2 as the May 2014 Geocacher of the Month.

  • EagleEyes304

    My vote is for Meandmydogs2. We first met Kim way back during GeoWoodstock V in North Carolina. We had a blast that weekend. I, myself, love and miss the state of New Hampshire. The last time we got a chance to go back was for one of the Cookie Crumbles events, hosted by Kim….yet another Blast! Got to meet a lot of interesting people and hang out with family.
    Good Luck Kim!!!!

  • Creami Cannoli

    My vote is for Mr.Gadget #2. His geocaches are fun and creative. He always puts a lot of work and effort into making memorable, fun caches. Finding one of his diabolical hides is an adventure, usually it’s a caching story you tell your friends about. His containers and hides are fun, sneaky, well thought out, diabolical (yes, I said it again lol), and well worth the effort.

    He is also very quick to help new and old geocachers when needed. He is patient and will give you help with his puzzle caches when needed. He makes you work for it, but nudges you along until you have that “A-HA!” moment and the light bulb turns on.

    I am horrible at writing these, but in my mind, Gene stands out head and shoulders above the others. He IS what a geocacher should be about. He lives and breathes geocaching and still finds time to help with other endeavors within our community, He and his wife are very active and they are both people I look up to and respect.

  • Guest

    They all sound like great cachers who have contributed much to our caching community. But since Steve, sadexploration, is the only nominee I “know”, I will give my nod to him. I was in London on a business trip from the states and between meetings and in the evenings, I was caching. A cache in his Church Micros was once such find – I loved learning about the history of the church, seeing the old architecture and having it take me literally down this old cobblestone alley. This cache took me a place I would never otherwise have visited which, to me, is one of the things I love most about caching. Caching name: caccbag

  • Debiko

    This is an easy one for me! My vote is for Mr. Gadget #2 (Gene). He’s well known in our area (eastern Washington) and I would think, quite a bit of the Northwest. His caches are always such fun to find… and then to “figure out”! He puts a lot of time into preparing his “containers” and then puts them in very nice places that are going to leave you with a great geocaching memory of the find. He’s a personal friend and is also present at geocaching functions throughout the area.

  • DownShifter

    I’d like to put in my vote for Mr. Gadget #2. We always know that finding one of his geocaches will be an “adventure” and we’ll enjoy where he put it. We have know him as a geocaching friend since 2005, when we first started caching also. He’s a good friend and he’s always helpful when someone is in need. Good luck, Gene!

  • Sue Frese

    Mr. Gadget #2 gets my vote. All the cachers around here agree that the fun factor for caching in North Central Washington has been elevated to a high level by Mr. G. It is easy to place a cache under a bush or behind a rock, but Mr. G’s caches are different. When I head out to look for one of his caches, I am already smiling on the way to GZ because I know that I am going to have fun with a clever cache. I usually have to really use all my powers and skills to figure out how to turn, pull, or slide some part of the object in order to open it. This will commonly involve several interconnected steps. This is pure caching fun!

    Mr. Gadget #2’s approach to geocaching is based on engineering skills and a wonderful sense of humor. He is my resource when I am stumped and he is a true gem in our caching community. Need to know something about pocket queries or travel bugs or anything geocaching related? Gadget can and does help!

  • Marge B

    Kim is always helpful and always ready to plan a new event to get everyone together!

  • Britpitts

    My vote is for meandmydogs. Kim is one of New Hampshire’s VIP cachers. She has not only placed many caches for us all to find but also hosts many events. These events draw cachers together and provide an atmosphere where many friends are made. NH cachers are more of a community than just people playing a game, and largely thanks to meandmydogs

  • 76CJ7

    Meandmydogs is truly an icon ever dance I have been in this. I do not think I would of as much fun without her.

    In our world she is already geocache of th he month. Year. Decade……

  • Melissa Norstrom

    Mr Gadget #2 deserves my vote. Have you seen his caches? And trying to open them, well its an experience!

  • Potty the Hat

    My vote goes to Steve – Sadex. He is a legend in the UK geocaching community. People are always so pleased to meet the founder of the Church Micro series – he has brought such a lot of pleasure, combining caching with the UK’s rich history of beautiful churches. This series is a phenomenon and recognised not only at home but across the globe. That is an awesome achievement. And not only that, he designs and builds brilliant caches; always different and inventive and so Steve-like – who is mischievous, fun-loving and determined to make the world a happy place. Helpful, friendly and engaging, his caches appeal to all ages of the caching community. Bringing people together to beautiful places and having fun is what caching is all about and Sadex does this in spades. I would love Steve to get this award – he truly deserves it.

  • Collin French

    Steve, Sadexploration gets my vote. What started as a simple series of just a few caches has turned into a behemoth of a fantastic series that Steve still supports. His dedication to the series is only matched by a few others who are mad about Geocaching in the UK and beyond. His series should get highlighted in its own blogpost/Geocaching video and go deserves to go worldwide.

  • Keltherocketdog

    I vote for Sadexploration to win GOTM! All his caches have been fantastic, and he puts a lot of effort into making them special, particularly his Devil’s Dyke series, where each one is something out of the ordinary!
    Keltherocketdog 🙂

  • mellers

    I’d like to vote for Steve, Sadexploration. Not only did he create the fabulous Church Micro series, but he has set hundreds of amazing caches, His Devils Dyke Circular series remains one of my most memorable caching expeditions. It’s full of handmade and lovingly crafted containers many of which have ingenious gadgets attached and it’s not surprising that each cache on the series garners so many favourite points – well in to the hundreds. His caches are pretty special and as well as being a conscientious CO who maintains them all to a high standard, he’s a very friendly bloke who made me feel especially welcome at an caching event when I met him for the first time.

  • Micky Two Pints

    Sadexploration gets my vote. The church micros throughout the UK are brilliantly organised and great to find.

  • Matt Musgrove

    I vote for sadexploration for his epic contribution to geocaching in the UK. There have been nearly half a million finds in the church micro series started by Steve. He also places and maintains some excellent and original homemade caches for us to enjoy and marvel at. 🙂

  • Ade3

    I vote for Sadexploration for his truly inspirational series the Church Micro’s, I’m an active owner of 43 (I think) in the series and the work Steve puts in to keep the series tip top is some commitment. His responses to emails are always by return usually same day. So to conclude an admirable stalwart of all things geocaching.

  • bigolbullelk

    Mr. Gadget #2 has got to be the cacher of the month! His play ethic is
    second to none, his devious mind regarding cache hides knows no bounds,
    and the incredible stories of he and his partner in many caching adventures
    would make a fantastic book. What a great nominee!

  • Dave F aka HV56YYD

    Definitely Sadexploration for Geocacher of the Month of May 2014. Church micros are a superb series that can be expanded throughout the world with no barriers. I am considering placing one close to my Daughter house in Perth Australia and start the craze there!

  • Stefo and Swash

    Steve Sadexploration certainly gets my vote.

  • Boomshanka

    sadexploration gets my vote for the fantastic church micro series (which shouldn’t be confused with a basic loop of caches, it’s immense and you invariably learn something new at every one of them).

  • Karba1

    Meandmydogs from NH gets my vote!

  • Steve Dane

    Just has to be Sadexploration. Started with an idea that has caught the imagination of cachers throughout the UK to the extent that the Church Micro series is now the largest single topic series in the world (Over 6000 issued, 5300 active). “Tall oaks from little acorns grow”

  • ian Bowhil

    sadexploration Get my Vote do enjoy a little Chirch Micro cache

  • Sunshine Geo

    I am voting for Mr Gadget #2. He has been helping me create Geo Puzzle art to enhance our annual WSGA camp out. He has went out of his way to place 42 caches for the puzzle writers and has agreed to maintain them all. It has been a very interesting process for me and when i would get discouraged he would remind me to stay positive that he could fix the problem.
    Mr Gadget is known for his creative hides throughout Central Washington. The last time a group of cachers toured his area the entire talk of the group was the quality of his hides. Every time I see him at an event he always has a smile and offers good tips to newer cachers. He is a very well rounded hider and finder and well deserves Cacher of the Month!

  • Jeff Kruse

    One vote for Mr. Gadget #2!!!

  • lisa sullivan

    Sadexploration – seen so many beautiful churches and have a Church Micro myself now 🙂

  • Yount Voni

    Mr Gadget #2 …..

  • Peter Button

    Sadexplortation. For starting the biggest series of caches in the world and bringing another dimension to caching.
    Like all the best ideas in the world. Simple but perfect.

  • rosieb123

    I vote for sadexploration for starting the UK’s church micro series I love a church micro!

  • Dawn Crawley

    Steve (Sadex) gets our vote…. We love the CM series and his caches have a lot of thought put into them. Add to that a thoroughly nice person…..He deserves to win the title!!!

  • Toni Buechler

    *Mr. Gadget #2*
    It’s an honor to be nominated for this award. We believe that Mr. Gadget #2 has all of the necessary qualifications to top this list. His time and support for our sport is never ending. He attends as many local events as possible and is active in several WSGA clubs around Washington State. He is a “maker”, as he has utilized his skills to demonstrate how to make quality, interesting, and very challenging geocaches. He has received two monthly awards for caches he has placed. He was the first to finish all 103 Washington State Parks Challenge caches, which required over 3500 miles and many long hours to complete. This demonstrates his continued support to all the geocaching community. Your consideration on the selection for Mr. Gadget #2 as geocacher of the month is appreciated.

  • Virgil Newton

    My vote is for Mr. Gadget #2
    Better know in our world as “Devious” Gene. His quality caches are always a challenge to access, maybe not to find, but worth the effort to look for. Thanks for all the support you give to the Washington state area.

  • Klaus Marx

    Our Vote is for Mr. Gadget #2, because he is the Main force for Geocaching here in Central WA. He has been a long standing Geocache member, has held numerous Geocache Events and Get-togethers. He was the Star attraction at tanother event, where his Caches were available for review and examination. Each one of his Caches has a tricky way to open it, and how he keeps coming up with new ideas is simply amazing!
    He is especially kind, generous, and informative to all the Cachers, new and experienced alike, and I think he would be an excellent choice for Geocacher of the Month!!
    Signed, Klaus and Lyn

  • afrayed

    Nearly every church cache I find in the UK is part of sadexploration’s series. It gives the finds a greater sense of community – a national net of interlinked finds. A great Geocacher with a true legacy to his name, thus an easy decision in terms of who my vote goes to. Cheers sadexploration!

  • Far Away

    I vote for sadexploration. I have never been to so many churches, never had an interest in them but do so now all due to the church micro series

  • snowsunflowers

    Here’s my vote for meandmydogs. As mentioned by previous voters, Kim has contributed so much for geocaching in the state of New Hampshire. She is working towards sponsoring a Mega event in the month of December which would be so awesome for our state. Besides finding many caches herself, she has placed many throughout the state for others to find and enjoy as their numbers increase. Her activities are proper and education is also an important aspect. She is very deserving of the nomination and it would be terrific to see her as GEOCACHER OF THE MONTH!!!!! Sincerely, snowsunflowers