The wheels keep turning – A Moagem (GC4QYFG) – Geocache of the Week

The geocache during the creation process. Photo courtesy of fundao365
The geocache during the creation process. Photo courtesy of fundao365

Geocache Name:

A Moagem (GC4QYFG) [translated from Portuguese: The Grind]

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Geocaches take on many forms: some are cool containers, some are in interesting places and some are mind-bending puzzles. This week’s Geocache of the Week is a combination of all three. The geocache itself is an incredibly well-made, large cryptex. Geocachers have to use the clues in the description to decipher the code, then line up the different wheels in the right spot to release the geocache. The place where this geocache resides is also interesting. “A Moagem” in Portuguese translates to “The Grind”, which is appropriate since the geocache is placed inside a grinding mill that has now been transformed into a museum, arts exhibit and meeting place. After you earn your smiley, you can even take a look at some of the original grinding machinery.

What the geocache owner, fundao365, has to say:

With this cache we used the concept of indoor geocaching. After understanding this kind of cache rules with the help of the reviewer btreviewer, we started the developement and prototyping process. We take this opportunity to thank him for the cooperation. The cache is inside a reconstructed milling house, that a long time ago used to collect the rye seeds from the local producers and produce the flour. According to this, we  inspired in the grindstone to build the cache. We also thought that the container opening method should be as original as the design. After thinking about a few possibilities, we came to decide to build a big dimensions cryptex with an opening device that looks like a grindstone.

  • The geocache is inside a museum, how did this partnership come about?

The museum belongs to Fundão city hall. The team fundao365 is composed by some of its employees, that share the passion of geocaching. The partnership was born naturally.

  • Can you talk about how you created this geocache?

The cache was developed and created in Fab Lab Aldeias do Xisto, that is a Digital fabrication laboratory recently created by Fundão city hall, wich main goal is to support open access to entrepreneurship and idea development.

  • What do you think of all the positive logs and favorite points?

It’s rewarding seeing that our work is being recognised by the geocaching community and it is an inspiration to future projects that we are already working on.

  • Is there anything you’d like to say to the geocaching community?

We appreciate the opportunity that Groundspeak gave us to invite all geocaching community to visit Fundão and meet its wonderfull territory, wich has too much to offer to geocachers. We’d also like to promote our nearest Mountain: Serra da Gardunha, that has an unique landscape and offers other activities like mountain bike, hiking, Hang gliding, canoeing etc…

What geocachers are saying:

[all translated from Portuguese]

“Excellent cache that I got to know during the event held on the same day. Cache that deserves a visit from all geocachers.Thanks to the owner for sharing.” – jccms

“I confess that I was very impressed with the work that went into the design of the container and was even more surprised with the logbook cover is genius. Throughout originality gets the deserved FAVORITE!” – scalpelman

“…this is wonderful, very original and well thought out! now here’s a cache to last a few many years! TFTC” – grilo85

Photos and video:

[vsw id=”6hy5zScHFTs” source=”youtube” width=”853″ height=”480″ autoplay=”no”]

The museum where the geocache is located.
The museum where the geocache is located.
The cache in its natural habitat. Photo courtesy of fundao365
The geocache in its natural habitat. Photo courtesy of fundao365
This could be your view—if you decipher the code and open the cache. Photo courtesy of fundao365
This could be your view—if you decipher the code and open the geocache. Photo courtesy of fundao365
An up-close view of the locking mechanism. Photo courtesy of fundao365
An up-close view of the locking mechanism. Photo courtesy of fundao365

What’s the most well-made geocache you’ve ever found? Tell us in the comments.

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  • deciosfernandes

    One i found an homemade Da Vinci Codex! That was the best container i ever saw, and it was really fun the crack the code.

  • TWL

    I would have to say the best cache I’ve come across in quite awhile is http://coord.info/GC55CDQ – LostSailRs: Uncharted Waters. This is a crazy mystery cache. The CO designed a puzzle based video game which you have to play and beat quite a few different types of puzzles in order to access the coords. He wrote and recorded all the music for the game, created some of the graphics for it, wrote all the code for the video game, and even produced a little game trailer on youtube. The final is just as awesome, as it is a 2 stage final. Hope you know how to figure out bearings because the first stage is a field puzzle doing just that.

    Everything was designed to accommodate people with limited mobility so it’s all an easy 1 star terrain. The cache box itself is a themed perfect treasure chest surrounded by X’s which mark the spot. This cache is absolutely worthy of being geocache of the week and is a shining example of the creativity of cache creators. I hope you get a chance to check it out, it’s amazing!

  • Jeremy Irish