Geocaching Headquarters (GCK25B): Been There, Logged That.

Panorama HQ Lobby
Panorama HQ Lobby


Geocaching Headquarters (aka GCK25B).

Many have heard of it, only 7,000 of 9 million geocachers worldwide have logged it. Whether on a geocaching road trip across the country or living down the street, geocachers love to make a pit stop at Geocaching HQ to sign the famous logbook, celebrate a milestone, share stories with fellow geocachers and see for themselves where all the geocaching magic happens.

You made it
You made it

History was made.

In 2004, the official HQ geocache was placed in the downtown office of Groundspeak Headquarters. Over the last 10 years, the geocache has lived in four different locations, now residing at the newest office in the Fremont neighborhood. Co-Founder Bryan Roth said the geocache was placed so that everyone at HQ could stay connected to the community.

“Geocachers were already stopping by the office before we placed the geocache” said Bryan. “We felt that adding an official HQ Geocache would enhance the experience and help create an environment where geocachers always feel welcome.”

Originally on Friday’s only, HQ visits are now available Tuesday-Friday at 2pm to accommodate all travel schedules and the influx in visitors.




What to expect during a scheduled visit.

1) Awesome encounters and conversations with Geocaching HQ employees. The staff at Geocaching HQ anxiously awaits for the clock to strike 2pm. For an entire hour, the lobby transforms into a room of geocaching chatter and storytelling.

2) A giant trunk with a plethora of trackables, SWAG and signature items. Don’t believe us? Check out the trackable inventory for yourself.

Inside the HQ Geocache
Inside the HQ Geocache

3) Geocachers from across the globe. In the last year, visitors from over 30 countries have visited HQ, making it an international destination for all geocachers to gather, swap stories and even learn a new language (or as least communicate in geo-language.)

4) Photo-op and selfie heaven. With a photobooth and new signage to pose in front of, the photo opportunities are endless.

5) Historic geocaching relics including the original International Space Station Travel Bug. In case you are new to geocaching (or have been hiding under a rock for a year), this travel bug went all the way to outer space.

6) The Geocaching HQ Store. Shop for trackables, geocoins, t-shirts and other goodies including some exclusive HQ merchandise.

HQ Geotour: GC32A0H
HQ GeoTour: GC32A0H

 7) Geocaching! The fun doesn’t stop after you leave the lobby. Before and after a scheduled visit, geocachers wander around the local quirky Fremont neighborhood in search of the nine geocaches on the HQ GeoTour. With over 2,000 favorite points, geocachers don’t want to miss out on these creative geocaches hidden by the staff at Geocaching HQ.

The ultimate HQ experience.

In addition to HQ Visits, Geocaching HQ invites the entire community to join them for the annual Block Party Mega-Event in August. The week prior to the big event, geocachers can sign up for full office tours to get the full breakdown of what goes on every day at HQ.

So geocachers, when do you plan on joining the other 7,000 geocachers and logging the HQ Geocache? We’d love to meet you!

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