Help Name the Next Geocacher of the Month

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin
The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin

Geocachers are known for being adventurous, friendly, a little quirky, and just plain fun.

June’s Geocacher of the Month nominees are no exception.

In addition to earning an impressive number of smileys, these geocachers have hidden quality geocaches admired by many, and they never fail to bring laughter, joy, and helpful hints to all those they meet. If you’re out on the trail and need to Phone-a-Friend, these are the geocachers you want on speed dial.

Each of the nominees below is an essential part of the global geocaching community and will receive a prize package from Geocaching HQ in Seattle, but only one will be the next Geocacher of the Month. A  panel from Geocaching HQ will use your comments, community input and other data to decide the winner.

Now it’s your turn to help us select the next Geocacher of the Month: write a supportive comment for the nominated geocacher you feel should be awarded the title.



Leftygator says hi to a gator (and a lion).

Afwingman writes, “Leftygator has been geocaching since 2003, before geocaching had become the hobby it is today with Pocket Queries and advancements in GPS technology. We first met leftygator just after we started geocaching in November 2009. We met for breakfast and have become great friends ever since. Leftygator has put out outstanding geocaches and does not hesitate to offer guidance and assistance to all the new geocachers in and around the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Stumped on a cache? Call leftygator and he will go out his way to give you the nudge you need to get you back on track. With Keesler Air Force base located in Biloxi, he has taken airman under his wing that became interested in geocaching. They then take the hobby world wide in their travels and adventures and get other airman involved who get their friends into geocaching. He is a great asset and ambassador to the geocaching community and it would be an honor to have him considered for Geocacher of the Month.”



.Jpeg at Mount Rushmore.


Dhaulaghiri writes, “After overcoming the shock of moving to Houston, TX we met a great bunch of local cachers that have provided us with lot’s of caching fun. .Jpeg particularly stands out because of the ingenious nature of his hides and the variety of hides he’s put out, but also because of his wonderful, thoughtful and sometimes even downright funny logs on caches he finds.

.Jpeg is an inspiration to me and other cachers I know in the Houston area, always willing to help out a fellow cacher, go on a hunt on short notice and last but certainly not least a truly wonderful human being!”



Gillywig finds GC1JPEQ.

animalbiker67(ab67) writes, “The caches that gillywig puts out are interesting to do. [She is} always willing to assist in every way and is always bubbly and full of energy. Gillywig assists finders with her Puzzle ones too, but will still not give the game away – brilliant hints. She is a joy to communicate with and she never lets me down.”










If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, simply fill out this webform.

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • Piston Smash

    I vote for Gillywig! I have met her and her partner on a number of occasions at Essex meets and found her to be very warm, friendly and welcoming. Additionally Gillywig does not use a GPS to locate caches – it’s all done by aerial photos and dead reckoning. Now, if that ain’t impressive, I don’t know what is!

  • Dhaulaghiri

    Well, I have to vote .Jpeg, of course! I nominated him 🙂
    Did I mention he’s a great photographer too??

  • naneb

    I vote for Leftygator. His caches are some of the best I have ever found. He is always willing to give a hint to point you in the right direction. Hevis a great example of what a geocacher should be like.

  • Amanda AKA BeachBumsX2

    My vote is for Leftygator! I can cache anywhere from NWFL, AL, MS, LA and always count on him as a PAF and his caches take me to some amazing things! He is a role model for all new cachers! He sets the standards of a quality cacher and the most nicest guy you will ever meet! Then you will have a friend for life!
    Good Luck Lefty!!
    Amanda AKA BeachBumsX2

  • Mitrustme Jerry

    I vote for Leftygator. Ricky and I first met Lefty in August 2008 at our very first event that we went to. When Ricky saw Lefty he told me he was going to hang onto Lefty’s coat tail and learn everything he could about geo-caching and hang on we did. We went on a number of caching trips with him and he took time to show us how to load caches and how to use GSAK. Ricky was diagnosed with leukemia on Sept. 5, 2011 and Lefty visited with Ricky quite often while he was in the hospital and would take Ricky’s phone calls anytime of the day or night. Ricky went into remission and we had 8 goods months of caching befor Ricky Passed on Nov. 17, 2012 and Lefty was there for me as well as many of our Geo-caching friends. Leftygator is my friend and hero.

    mitrustme Jerry

  • Martin Booda

    Another vote for Leftygator! He’s the “original original” hider on the Gulf Coast. His hides never fail to keep you guessing. I had been caching for about a year but really didn’t expect experience a truly devious hide until I cut my teeth on his. Whenever a “group effort” is required for a large-scale project, Lefty leads the way. So many of us have learned from his tutelage.

  • L&L Cupids

    Leftygator is our vote, we have met him several times, he is always been helpful with his knowledge of the game and is willing to share it with anyone along the trail or at meetings. He has intriguing caches that are also fun to do…

  • Bert Marshall

    .JPEG really likes to geocache! I mean he really, really, really likes to geocache! When I think of a geocacher who likes to geocache, I think of .JPEG! He likes to geocache so much, I thought he was Canadian! Seriously, .JPEG always has a smile and is quick to help other cachers in any way he can. As a Veteran cacher of 8 years, he contributes to the game by hiding and maintaining his caches. An all around fine example of a geocacher! My vote goes out to .JPEG

  • Mztrob

    My vote goes to : .jpeg

  • Linden Wong

    I vote for.Jpeg. I discovered one of his multi-caches in my neighborhood’s new dog park. It is very creative cache so I started doing the rest of them in the Houston area. I think I have only a few left to do. He definitely gets my vote.

  • green-eyed

    .jpeg is my vote. he is kind-hearted and will help out newbie and experienced cacher alike. he places fun and creative caches all around houston and the area, travels to visit surrounding areas and events and has fun with the junior cachers. heck, he’s even come to maker madness events and fun wearing his sunday suit!!

  • Secondhandrose

    Leftygator gets my vote. I remember his first find and am amazed at the amount he has logged. Very nice man, always ready to help, and a good friend!

  • Essjae9

    Another vote for the legendary Leftygator! His caches are a joy to find and talking with him about his many adventures is and adventure in itself. He truly is an outstanding geocacher! Essjae9

  • Wayne Fort

    My vote if for Leftygator. My nomination could have given a lot more reasons that he deserves the recognition but everyone that knows him already knows what a great friend, mentor and person he is.

  • Wayne Fort

    My friend Leftygator gets my vote for being a great geocaching mentor, friend and person.

  • Mrsahudson

    Leftygator is a great mentor to any geocacher and he definitely gets my vote. New cachers and those that have been around a while can learn many things from him and he will gladly lend a helping to any cacher. He also has many wonderful caches out there and was a big part of our start to caching.

  • Motocrs

    I vote for Leftygator. He is a great guy! I have been on a few adventures with him. He is really dedicated.

  • Subdue

    I would not be caching today, if it were not for Leftgator.

  • Tmaggot

    Tack up another vote for LeftyGator!

  • wyleone

    My vote is for Leftygator. He has been such a great influence on us. A previous note mentioned what a great influence Leftygator was to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Well, add the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast too. He deserves recognition but would never ask for it. Many know him as a kind friend that always will help when you need it. Give you a tip on a cache just to give a boost and not ruin it. He has held CITO events in his community when needed. Out of the many cachers I have met over the years, I think Leftygator would top my list of good people as well as good cachers.

  • Mack Gyver

    I met Leftygator right at the beginning of my geocaching “career”, we immediately hit it off and he took me under his claw. He is a great friend and mentor. As others have said, he is always there to lend a hand to new or old cachers. Due to his mentorship and encouragement, we have become Mississippi’s #1 Favorite hider (according to Project-GC). He is definitely paying it forward. Hands down, LEFTYGATOR!!
    – MacGyver69&CuteBoots

  • rsarich

    Leftygator gets my vote, he has been an inspiration for me for many years. I consider him a true friend, he has always been helpful and supportive of all cachers and a true ambassador for the sport.

  • Scott Bishop

    My vote goes for Leftygator. He is a long term geocaching mainstay in MS. and just loves geocaching with a passion. He gives back to the geocaching community by offering many excellent and challenging cache hides. In his many years of caching I have never heard a negative comment toward or about him, that says a lot in this day and time. Best of luck to Lefty~ SniperChicken

  • WoodduckDawg

    I vote for LeftyGator. He has seen the many changes of geocaching and has always been willing to help others and promote caching. Congrats on the deserving nomination.

  • chimps8mybaby

    Leftygator is my vote.

  • Travis Gilbert

    My vote is for .JPEG, great cacher!

  • Biloxi Bay

    Leftygator gets my vote. He is a true friend and great caching partner. He got me into this crazy game many years ago and we have rode many miles together looking for Tupperware with the aid of those multi-million dollar satellites. He has taught me many things along with many others over the years. He always seems to be available to help someone out. He puts out some of the best and toughest hides you will come across.

  • mrahudson

    My vote is for Leftygator. He was the first cacher I came across while on the hunt and stopped to talk to me for a few minutes even though he could have just continued on his way. His hides always make you think, “If I was Lefty where would I hide this cache?” He never hesitates to help, not only in the Geocaching world but he passes on advice as a military veteran to the active military in the community. I consider it an honor to have Leftygator as one of my caching mentors.

  • whttigress

    I vote for leftygator!!!! I met him when I still fairly new to caching. I was on the hunt for a cache as he strolled up hunting for the same one. We chatted for a bit and he gave me quite a few pointers that I still use for my finds. This gentleman is extremely generous in not only his knowledge of caching but with his time to teach. No one deserves it more.

  • daviskingdom

    I vote for Leftygator! I have met him several times at events and once or twice “on the road” near a cache we were both hunting. Great guy and certainly deserves my vote.

  • TheNorman

    .Jpeg gets my vote. An inspiring cacher in the Houston area who is always willing to help a fellow cacher.

  • Nick&Nora

    We vote for .jpeg! A great guy and awesome cacher. He is one of the most welcoming people in our area – always accepting new cachers and making them feel welcome. His caches are also terrific but the true measure of a geocacher is their treatment of fellow cachers. He’s #1 in our book.

  • JDubSr

    NanaKern & I vote for .jpeg!
    A great guy and awesome Texas cacher.
    His caches are terrific but the true measure of any geocacher is their treatment of fellow cachers.

    .jpeg, You’re truly a great, Texan, Geocacher, Friend and Teacher!

  • Dunaghiri

    My vote goes to .JPEG I only hear good things about him from my Brother Dhaulaghiri, so i trust his judgement! .JPEG good luck with your competition!

  • Donna

    JPEG! He’s a fun cacher, great cache owner and a heck of a photographer too!

  • RRM10

    Some caches you remember much more than others and one that comes to mind was a .Jpeg hide! We were attempting a 5/3.5 cache he had hidden, at GZ there was a very obvious search area but the hiding spots were numerous. After looking in every imaginable spot all we had found was a small piece of camo duct tape on the ground mixed in with leaves. As we needed this rating for our D/T grid, we sent him an email explaining our exact location and what we had found. He responded quickly, then went that same evening and confirmed that the cache was indeed missing. He replaced the cache then emailed back that it was ready to go. We made the 50 mile trip back down there a couple days later and made the find!
    We finally got to meet .Jpeg for the first time at an event a few months that, and meeting him was just what we expected, he’s just an all-around nice guy that is always willing to help out his fellow cachers! Our vote goes to none other than.Jpeg!