August’s Geocacher of the Month: I hope you’re not afraid of awesome

New to geocaching? Talk to one of these three veterans.


ikolor, knee-deep during a hunt for a cache
ikolor, knee-deep during a hunt for a cache

The nominations for August’s Geocacher of the Month go beyond the norm for geocaching…in all the best ways.

With a total of 40,779 finds between them, there’s no shortage of geocaching wisdom gained through experience. Together, Trekkie79, ikolor, and Team Geo-Rangers embody the best elements of a geocacher: passion, creativity, and a determination to make the game inviting to new and old players alike.

Although it’s tough, there has to be a winner.

This month, the recipient of this award comes from the land of sunshine, oranges, alligators, and geocaches.

Her name is ikolor, or “I-hopeyou’renotafraidofawesome-kolor”, as one ‘cacher put it. She’s been called “the backbone of south Florida geocaching,” and it’s not hard to believe it. With over 6,600 finds and 162 hides, you’re more likely to run into ikolor on the way to a potential FTF than on the way to the grocery store. What’s more astonishing? Her find rate is currently at 3.79 caches per day.

But her geocaching stats aren’t why she’s our newest Geocacher of the Month.

One geocacher says, “[ikolor] embodies all the positive qualities of Geocaching. Every Geocacher I know considers her a friend. She is always there to lend a helping hand. Her events are always fun and eagerly awaited. No puzzle can guard its secrets from her solving skills. She really enjoys getting out there and finding a cache. It doesn’t matter if its a simple park and grab or a difficult multi stage hike in the woods. Her caches are many and well thought out. Overall she is very deserving of this honor.”

ikolor got her start in 2009, when she read a newspaper article about geocaching.

She quickly became a part of the local community, as affected by them as they were by her: “My husband, radioman84, and I love to cache and do it as often as we can. In 2011 radioman84 had a massive stroke while we were out on a caching spree. He almost died. The caching community pulled together and showed us how truly amazing these people are! They were totally there for us. I grew to love caching, not for hiding and finding caches, but for the people that make up this crazy sport!”

ikolor and radioman84
ikolor and radioman84

Another ‘cacher confirms it: “Although we only cache part time in her neck of the woods we are always welcomed like old friends at her events. She has a way of bringing cachers together not only as a team but as social groups who have a great deal of fun. She embodies not only the spirit of caching but also the skills of a great cacher..”

ikolor (front and center) at one of many CITO events
ikolor (front and center) at one of many CITO events

Congraulations to ikolor…and thank you for everything you do! Your presence as a player of the game has clearly had a significant positive impact on those around you.

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The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin
The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin
Alex is a Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. When things get crazy, she sends in the big puns.
  • Andrea

    No one deserves it more!

  • Jesus Sanchez

    Can’t say it any better than Andrea already did. Well deserved.

  • krasman

    Excellent! I am so happy fot you Ikolor 🙂
    No one deserves it more

  • Lacey

    Ha! That’s the FTF on Sharing is Caring!! How funny. Congrats to the one and only…IKOLOR!

  • Tracy Williams

    Woohoo! This was a great choice, and I am so glad this choice was not about the stats, but more about the person and their impact on this great game. Ikolor has got to be the most patient person I know and has shown so many people the ins and outs of geocaching! We are lucky to have her in our caching community! Congrats Ikolor!!!

  • Bradley Clare

    Awesome choice!