Discover EarthCaching and 11 Stunning Locations

EarthCache GC14W63

There’s something truly spectacular about our planet earth. This month, the 7 Souvenirs of August (and the Nature Lover Souvenir) encourages you to get in touch with the extraordinary world around you through EarthCaching.

EarthCaching is the magical combination of geocaching and geological discovery. The purpose of an EarthCache is to share information about a particular (and typically jaw-dropping) geological feature. EarthCaches do not contain physical containers like most geocaches. They do, however,  carry a piece of geological history that can date back millions and millions of years.

A little bit about this  geocache type…

  • There are over 17,000 EarthCaches  worldwide.
  • EarthCaches are the most popular geocache type. They are found more often and receive more favorite points than the average geocache.
  • EarthCaching is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary. The first EarthCache was published in Australia on January 10th, 2004.
  • In partnership with Geocaching HQ, The Geological Society of America facilitates the listing of EarthCache locations around the world and offers a ‘Masters Program’ where you can receive a title (and pin) based on your level of EarthCache  expertise.

Now go out into the world and learn something new…

  • Using “Advanced Search” on geocaching.com, you can customize your geocache search. Under the “Search for” option, select “EarthCache”.  Type in your postal code or home coordinates and voilà, nearby EarthCaches!
  • Bring a camera (most EarthCaches encourage selfies).
  • Be prepared to investigate. You will have to search out the answers for the educational portion of the geocache.

For inspiration, here are 11 stunning EarthCaches around the world:

1. GC111XM in Pumakkale, Turkey


2. GC20010 at Lake Baikal, Russia



3. GC14W63 in Namib Desert, Namibia


4.  GC25643 at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland


5. GC11A56 at Jellyfish Lake, Ongeim’l Tketau, in Palau


6. GC2PFGZ at Iguazu Falls, Argentina


7. GC4CNMG in Western Australia


8. GC13D90 near Monsanto, Portugal


9. GCPCPX in Northern Ireland


10. GC23HNZ near Darvaza, Turkmenistan


11. GC1JY47 at Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming




These EarthCaches are on our bucket list. What EarthCaches are on yours?


Carly is a Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. When she's not writing, you can find her traveling to new countries, exploring the outdoors, winning during fantasy football season, sweating through a hot yoga class, chillin' with her cat -Beans- at home, and geocaching. Of course.

    The EarthCache GC# for the Western Australia Earthcache refers to a Traditional Cache and somehow it got mixed up. The EarthCache is GC4CNMG.

  • Carly

    Thanks. Good catch. :) ! I’ll get that updated shortly.- Carly

  • MrRojoERHS

    Is there a way to log in earthcaches to the geocaching lite app? I’m going to teach APHumanGeography for the 1st time this year, and I thought I’d introduce my students to Geocaching, as a way to introduce EarthCaching (as a means of identifying places where humans interact with their environment). I think if kids can have easy access to find/log in, it will make it easier to connect.

  • YukonShadow

    Are you sure virtuals don’t get more favorite points? The state searches I recently did had virtuals ahead in the top 100 favorite caches. Sure wish Groundspeak would bring them back as do so many other cachers. Also wish the map would show earthcaches with the earthcache symbol instead of the virtual ghost as it is so disappointing to zoom in and see it change to the earth icon instead of remaining a virtual.

  • Lim Yimei

    I think I was at GC1JY47 but I can’t find any proof :(