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The Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour

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The Santa Fe National Historic Trail GeoTour provides adventurers with the opportunity to visit and learn about one of our nation’s most iconic trails. This GeoTour consists of 73 geocaches placed at historic sites along the 900 mile-long Santa Fe Trail. With each stop, you will have the opportunity to learn about the people, places and events associated with the trail that helped shape the future of the United States. You will get to experience much of thetrail just as the early travelers did.

Geocachers who visit at least 50 of the 73 sites are eligible to receive the Santa Fe National Historic Trail Challenge Coin. To participate, visit the website, and follow the instructions to print out and complete the passport.

The first geocacher to complete the Passport said, “…thank you for your hard work in putting this together and for taking us on such a fun and interesting tour of the Santa Fe Trail.. .”  Other log comments include:  “We had no idea all of this was here . . . certainly enjoying the series. They are all very nicely done with lots of neat swag and they have taken us to places we would not have gone otherwise!”

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