Add CITO to Your Geocaching Vocabulary


CITO: Pick Up Trash and Pick Up a Find


Sigh-toe, see-tow, chai-to—No matter how you pronounce it, CITO (Cache In Trash Out) should be a part of every geocacher’s vocabulary. What’s it mean? It’s simple— whenever you’re out geocaching, clean up the area around you. It keeps the geocaching game board (the Earth, duh) clean and shows land managers that geocachers care. Here are a few tips to become the ultimate CITO champion:

  • Pack an extra trash bag in your geocaching kit.
  • Trash is gross! Bring gloves or a grabber tool.
  • Organize or attend a CITO event and turn trash or invasive species into a smiley.
  • Celebrate the next International CITO Weekend on April 25 and 26, 2015 and earn a digital souvenir for your Geocaching profile.

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