10 Tips for New and Seasoned Geocachers


We were all there at one time or another—searching through the woods for something, staring at our phone or GPS, still somewhat unsure of what we were doing or if anything was actually there.

Now that you know much more about geocaching, it’s time to share your tips for new geocachers. We’ve put together a Pinterest board featuring 10 of the top tips for new geocachers. Share it with the new geocachers you know and then post your favorite new geocacher tips to the Geocaching Facebook Page.

Check Out Our 10 Newbie Geocacher Tips on Pinterest

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  • k13

    Why do I need to become a member of another site to see your information? Like others, I don’t do pin.twit.face or whatever else.

  • mikkashar

    Seconded. Pinterest has made itself unusable for non-members

  • Papatc

    I too don’t subscribe to “social media” and don’t like the idea that the only way I can access information on a web site is by logging on through them. I notice this trend ocuring more frequently.
    Let’s not

  • SherlockNOT!

    Use the filter for Beginner caches! Even if you think you’re good at sleuthing, trying to find higher-level caches will only frustrate you.

  • SherlockNOT!

    Take a friend! Geocaching is much more fun in pairs and the more eyes, the better!

  • Starglider

    Not interested in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or whatever