Happy Pi Day, Earn Two Souvenirs


Geek Out with Two New Souvenirs for Pi Day

While some folks celebrate Pi Day on March 14 (3.14) with a slice of pi pie, we’re celebrating this year’s Pi Day with two new souvenirs. The first souvenir is inspired by the groups of people who have an irrational love for irrational numbers. Just attend an event, including CITO or a Mega-Event on Pi Day and you’ll earn this souvenir. The second souvenir celebrates the mystery of pi—to earn it, log a “Found It” on a Mystery Cache on March 14.

Speaking of Mystery Caches—they’re now available for Geocaching Premium members in the free official Geocaching app for iPhone and Android.

Finally, if you’re on the lookout for even MORE souvenirs, be sure to earn the CITO souvenir on April 25 and 26, and be on the lookout for a special souvenirs you can earn to celebrate 15 Years of Geocaching beginning on May 2.

  • SWEET!!!! We are making our event now. Anyone in Guangzhou, China or Hong Kong want to attend, Liz and I will be having Pie for dessert 🙂

  • Drix

    Bah humbug!

  • Don

    Does a regular event count, or does it have to be a CITO or Mega?

  • barucci

    as above, HQ could you please clarify?

  • Dr Zagy

    It says:
    Just attend an event, ***including*** (not only) CITO or a Mega-Event

  • zippy72345

    I think that’s a typo above. The intro app now shows multi caches for premium members but does NOT show mystery caches. At lease not for me. Anyone else have luck with this? Or is it just time for me to switch to the $9.99 app instead of the intro app?

  • Hi Zippy,
    You’re good with the Geocaching Intro App. Check out the funnel in the upper right of the screen and you should be in business. If you don’t see the Mystery category, check for an update in your app store. Let me know how it all turns out. Thanks,

  • Yep… Mega and CITO events count. Happy Pi Day!

  • Kjetil Grønås

    If I’m hosting the event, will it count?

  • Mestreechteneer

    Yes we (2 fellow cachers from Maastricht Holland) organise an meet & Greet even in Madrid (Spain) Code: GC5MA7Z
    If you’r in Madrid on the 14-03-2015 please join us.

    Greetings Mestreechteneer

  • Tomer Noyhouzer

    Hi great idea but why not also give a souvenir for people who are hiding caches for this day ?

  • Roel Kanon

    Mega and CITO was already obvious! Could you please clarify if a a regular Event counts…

  • kfair

    I am in the same boat. Have even uninstalled and re-installed the app on my phone (Android). Still no mystery caches. Any other suggestions? Is anyone else still have issues?

  • CaptainMath

    People who don’t log their finds on a puzzle cache until AFTER 3/14 even though they found them ON 3/14 (assuming they correctly date their finds as 3/14) will still get the souvenir for that, is that correct?

  • Jenny Hill

    It should count. I got a souvenir for hosting an event for the Seven Souvenirs series. It was my first event, and I had the same quesetion, back then. LOL! 🙂

  • Guwisti

    Regular events count. That is why Pi Day events are popping up all over the place. 😀

  • Richard H

    Another parochial US-centric event.Those parts of the world using the more rational notation where the month goes between the day and the year will of course be celebrating it on 31/4/15…

  • Brad T.

    Eric, what about getting married on Pi Day? We’ll be a little busy that day, but definitely will be celebrating.
    We’ve already met a number of other couples doing the same, so how about a badge for this? 🙂

  • Sheila Cunningham

    Rational notation notwithstanding . . . there is NO 31st April

  • Sheila Cunningham

    I solved that by installing c:geo

  • Richard H

    … therefore pi is irrational, QED!
    Well spotted.