Take a 32-Stage Journey Through Central Park — Bridges & Arches of Central Park (GC17MX1) — Geocache of the Week Video Edition



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Bridges & Arches of Central Park (GC17MX1)

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Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

If you haven’t yet, watch the video above. This geocache is an epic, 32-stage multi-cache that takes you on a journey through Central Park in New York City, NY, USA. The stages of this multi-cache focus on the park’s bridges and arches, which are beautifully crafted but often overlooked. Waiting at the final stage for the intrepid geocachers who make it there is a custom-designed geocoin to commemorate their journey.


What geocachers are saying:

“This cache was incredible. It took my son and I three trips starting from September to hit all the points. Finding the rock and coin gave us a great memory of a fun adventure. Thank you very much for this.” – teamtrimble13

“Yay! WooHoo! What a cache, what an adventure! This probably is my biggest personal geocaching achievement. Loved it! I really enjoyed discovering Central Park and the many many ‘hidden’ trails. There is so much to see, I had no idea. Favorite point for sure!!!!” – wanderlusta

“Fantastic, must-do, classic cache! Having placed nothing but the final on this prime real estate, the CO has created a wonderfully researched experience that will delight any explorer, young and old. This cache, unlike any other cache visited, convinced my muggle friend, Tinstaafl2, to create an account and finally join the game.” – Baxter929


What the geocache owner, addisonbr, has to say:

“…At some point while roaming around the park I stumbled across the fact that no two bridges in the original design are alike.  We had just started hiding our first caches a few months earlier, and I thought that maybe the bridges and arches could form the backbone of a pretty interesting tour.  I started paying more attention to them while in the park, reading up on them, etc.  I found some out-of-print books that had a lot of background information and details about Olmsted and Vaux’s original designs and started making some trips out to scout them, sketching out some descriptions, looking for information that cachers could retrieve from each site (and that could combine to form coordinates).  After coming up with a route, I play-tested it a few times to see how long it would take (and make sure that I hadn’t made any errors).  It seemed like it was going to take most people 4-6 hours or so, which is on the long side, but I hoped that if I gave people something interesting to read between waypoints it might not seem so bad.
…My biggest concern was that the cache would take too long for people to really enjoy it.  Whenever I play-tested it, I was pretty wiped out by the time I got to the end, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to play out for other people.  When you publish a cache you’re kind of asking people to trust you with their time, and if your cache takes several hours – it just felt like a lot of responsibility.  I was mostly hoping that when people got to the end they wouldn’t feel irritated about all the time they invested writing down numbers and making calculations and otherwise jumping through all of the hoops they’d been jumping through all day.  Then after it was published and the logs finally started coming in… a tremendous sense of relief.  I always read every word of every log that hits my inbox and it’s heartening that people will take so much time to write as much as they do about their experiences.

Especially for people who attempt this cache while visiting New York – thank you for trusting me with so much of your vacation!”


Bridges, arches and geocaching, #2. Photo by geocachers mcjeeper and stukboy
Bridges, arches and geocaching, #2. Photo by geocachers mcjeeper and stukboy
Bridges, arches and geocaching, #1. Photo by geocachers mcjeeper and stukboy
Bridges, arches and geocaching, #1. Photo by geocachers mcjeeper and stukboy
One of the parks many cool bridges. Photo by geocacher guinea gal
One of the parks many cool bridges. Photo by geocacher guinea gal
Two happy geocachers on their way. Photo by geocacher ChrisAtLarge
Two happy geocachers on their way. Photo by geocacher ChrisAtLarge


What’s the best Multi-Cache you’ve ever found? Tell us and post photos in the comments.

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  • Pip-Boy3000

    GC4Y4T7 Mount Wireless

    It’s not a true muti-cache, since it is listed as a mystery cache, but it has 29 stages and takes HOURS to complete! The path takes you along the old route of power poles (now just stumps) for the old airplane beacon on top of Mt Wire. One of the funnest I’ve ever done with a group!

  • Marvin Sowers

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to come back to NYC and try this multi-cache!

  • Matt Singer

    I haven’t found it yet, but Spyder Caves (http://coord.info/GCM0GX) is legendary in north Idaho.

  • William Estes

    A Little Bit of Everything http://coord.info/GC3E1MG Is a true 10 stage multi. I highly recommend this!! The CO (Red Knight) as put a lot of effort into a small area. You cover the whole area of this park and cover every type of cache hide Magnetic, bison tube, red herrings, projection, counting, small, medium and large. Much thought went into this very fun cache!!!

  • SaskAcadie

    One of the multi I truly enjoyed is Westward We Go http://coord.info/GC12AJM. It is only a couple of stages but takes the geocacher along the Trans-Canada trail.

  • Matt – Wow. The geocache had me at this image. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • We love this cache and we love this video. Also the I (cache) NY shirt at the end 🙂 While we have cached around Central Park before, we did not have the time needed to complete this cache. This really makes us want to go back to NYC to complete it.

    We love our Multi-Caches when we travel. It is a great way to get to familiar and get to know a new area. We have done a really cool multi-cache around beautiful Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA (GC265WW http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC265WW_just-a-walk-in-the-park) It was a great way to get to know Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park was also designed by the same person who designed Central Park in NYC.

  • staerneching

    my favourite multi is located in switzerland, called Wasseramt-Rundgang.
    There are 42 stations arround the “wasseramt” it’s part of a canton (switzerland has 26 cantons). We (my mum, my dad and I) had 5 days by feet, by bikes and by car for finding. Obove 100 kilometers. It was a great adventure in our homezone. We had seen places, we don’t kniw bevor in our homezone.

    A really great cache!!! GC4B594