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Geocaching HQ Staffer: Chris Ronan, Rock Chalk

My name is Rock Chalk and I’m addicted to GeoTours and geotrails which offer rewards.

Whew. That feels better. Now that I’ve admitted my problem, perhaps I can persuade you to follow me into a realm where one can earn geocoins and other prizes, just for finding geocaches. (As if finding geocaches isn’t rewarding enough!) I currently work at Geocaching HQ in Seattle. But long before joining the team here, I discovered my passion for GeoTours and geotrails.

GeoTours and reward geotrails are collections of geocaches that take cachers on a tour of a specific area. They’re often sponsored by local tourism boards, historical associations, and even the National Park Service. In most cases, players find a certain number of geocaches to qualify for geocoins and other prizes.

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A bunch of GeoTour and reward GeoTrail Geocoins
GeoTours and geotrails map
Click the GeoTours and geotrails map to explore

I first became hooked when we happened upon the Washington County GeoTrail while planning a vacation to Maryland a couple years ago. We spent a day visiting some amazing historical spots, finding geocaches, and capping it off by claiming a geocoin. Since then, I’ve enjoyed nearly 20 similar experiences throughout the United States.

Official GeoTours, which are organized through Geocaching HQ, have introduced me to the beauty of the riverwalk in Columbus, GA, the incredible learning opportunities at the National Museum of Natural History, and more than 50 of Washington’s amazing state parks. I grew up in Kansas, but had little knowledge of the Santa Fe Trail until their new GeoTour inspired me to follow the Santa Fe Trail through Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico last summer.

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Clinton County Barn Trail (Ohio)


We’ve recently created a list of GeoTours and reward geotrails, so you can easily find them and learn about the cool rewards that await. We’ve also added a new forum where geocachers can discuss their adventures and ask questions about GeoTours and reward geotrails.

We hope these new resources can help your travel and geocaching become more rewarding than ever!

Check out the map and if a geotrail with a reward is missing, let us know in comments.

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Washington State Parks GeoTour (Deception Pass)


Washington State Parks GeoTour (10,000th find at Deception Pass)
Washington State Parks GeoTour (10,000th find at Deception Pass)